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Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 8 | I Samuel 4-7, esp 7:2-12

Hither By Thy Help I. The God Who Won’t Be Used (I Samuel 4-6)A. God is not a Good Luck Charm (I Samuel 4:3-11)B. God is not a Member of Your Pantheon (I Samuel 5)C. God is not Novelty Item (I Samuel 6:19-21) II. The Things God Uses (I Samuel...

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Samuel & Sampson: The People God Uses – Part 2 | Judges 14:1-20

A Wedding Like No Other I. Samson is “Mr. REALITY TV”. (v.1-20)A. He is IMPULSIVE and DEMANDING. (v.1-3)B. He is POWERFUL but SECRETIVE. (v.4-9)C. He is no MATCH for a WOMAN. (v.10-18)D. He is ANGRY and VENGEFUL. (v.19-20) Samson and his antics...

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