Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 5

1 Samuel 1:1-20

Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 5

A Woman at the End of Her Rope

I. A Real FAMILY I Sam. 1:1-3
A. A RESPECTABLE Family I Sam. 1:1-4
B. An Undeniable TENSION I Sam 1:2, 5-7
C. An UNANSWERED Prayer I Sam 1:7-8

II. A DESPERATE Act I Sam 1:9-18
A. A Broken SPIRIT I Sam 1:10, 15
B. A Prayer at the EDGE of Her BEING I Sam 1:11, 15-16
C. A Priest ASLEEP on the JOB I Sam 1:13-14, 17

III. A Deepened TRUST I Sam 1:18
A. PAIN and our OPTIONS Psalm 73
1. RUN From God Jonah, Psalm 139
2. FALL on God Genesis 22, Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 37:4-6
B. A TREASURE Safe from MOTH and RUST Matt. 6:19-21
C. A HIGH PRIEST Who INTERCEDES Hebrews 4:15, 7:23-28, 8:19-22

Questions for further reflection:
1. Kid’s Question: What is something you have asked God for?
2. What, if anything, sets the people in the Bible apart from you and me? What makes their stories remarkable?
3. When has an unanswered prayer left you bitter or angry?
4. What is the most desperate thing you have ever done?
5. Is there a time when you have felt “at the end of your rope”? How did you respond?
6. Have you ever been hurt by someone’s inability to see your need? Have you ever missed someone’s hurt, only to realize later that you were on autopilot?
7. What is your most common response to pain? Anger, Bitterness, Sadness, Flight, Fight, Trust?
8. What do you think it means to store up treasure in heaven? In what way do you see Hannah doing that in this passage?
9. What experiences in your life have deepened your trust in God?