Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 9

I Samuel 8:1-22

Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 9

Give us a King

A. TRUSTED father and CORRUPT sons. (v.1-5)
B. GIVE us a KING. (v. 5-22)
1. Samuel’s RESPONSE. (v. 6)
2. God’s RESPONSE. (v. 7-9)
3. The PEOPLE’S RESPONSE. (v. 10-22)

All good things seem to come to an end, and Samuel grows older and nears the end of his life. He passes leadership on to his sons, who have an eerie resemblance to the sons of Eli from earlier chapters. The people aren’t happy with this transition, and take matters into their own hands.

1. How does this passage relate to our own fears about the current leaders in our society?
2. Can you identify with Samuel’s sense of rejection? When have you felt similarly and how does this passage speak to that experience?
3. What stands out you from v.10-22? Why?

II. A PROCESS that still HAPPENS. (Ecc. 1:9)
A. DISAPPOINTMENT in human FAILURE… (v.3; Mt. 11:2-3)
B. …Creates a SENSE of INSTABILITY. (v.4-5; Lk. 24:17-21)
C. We COMPARE ourselves with OTHERS. (v.5,20; Jn 21:21)
D. We REFUSE to LISTEN. (v.11-19; Neh. 9:16-17)
E. We are DECEIVED by our PERCEPTIONS. (v.6-8; 9:2,20; 10:23-24)

Ecclesiastes is a difficult book to read, but it clearly reminds us that there are cycles in human history. What has been comes back around. As much as we’d like to think we are the first ones dealing with what faces us, the past speaks volumes into our present situation.

4. Kid’s Question: When has someone let you down or disappointed you? What was that like?
5. Can you identify with the process that Jeff says still plays out today? Have you experienced it in your own life? Describe the situation and your response.
6. On a scale of 1-10 how often do you compare yourself to others? Is it helpful? How should the gospel impact that habit?

III. A RETURN to REALITY. (Phil. 4:8)
A. A STABILITY deeper than our INSTABILITY. (Heb. 12:26-29)
B. He is ALREADY PRESENT with us. (Mt. 28:20; Jn 14:16-17)
C. He KNOWS deeper than our PERCEPTIONS. (Jn 13:1-3)
D. He is the LEADER we LONG for.(Jn 6:35; Jn 7:37)

Remember that we believe worship is reconnecting with what is really true. What is true about God, about us, and about the world that we live in. So today we need to look this human pattern for dealing with difficult situations and return to reality. Let’s see what the truth says to our desire for a leader.

7. What are some specific ways you can live by faith in the reality of God’s continual presence with you? What aspects of your life make that challenging?
8. What role do other believers play in helping us to question and evaluate our own perceptions of what is happening around us?