Mission Statement:

Helping people take one step closer to Jesus Christ.

At Grace Baptist Church we believe that our mission is to help people take one step closer to Jesus Christ. We facilitate that mission in the following ways:

1. Through authentic growing relationships we introduce people to Christ. We believe that evangelism happens best in the context of authentic friendships. Thus we depend on each person in our church to share the truth of Christ by word and action with those in their relational circle.

2. Through biblical teaching and spiritual community we grow as disciples. We believe that in order to grow in faith, individuals need to learn the essential truths of the Bible. We therefore come together as a community of believers to sit under the authority of God’s Word for instruction, fellowship and encouragement.

3. Through heartfelt worship we look deeply at God and yield our lives to Him. We believe that we should love God through both personal and corporate worship. Worship is looking intently at who God is and then responding in submission to His call upon our lives.

4 Pillars of Commitment

Commitment to Relationships

This is a commitment to develop and maintain a relationship (within a GBC small group, with a GBC mentor, or a GBC elder) which has as one of its main goals the reflection upon the life of discipleship as well as spiritual direction and mentoring. While this involves connections over coffee, etc., the goal is on a regular basis to connect about the journey of following Jesus. Ideally, every believer would have 1-3 spiritually transformative relationships.

Commitment to Worship

This is a commitment to regular worship attendance and involvement with the GBC Community. It also implies the development of practice in personal worship.

Commitment to Learning

This is a commitment to learning the core concepts and teachings of the Bible, primarily within a Small Group or Adult Sunday School setting.

Commitment to Mission

This is a commitment with the help of the church to identify a specific calling/area of ministry and seek to grow and develop in this as a way of participating in the mission of God in the world.