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Advent 2019 – Zechariah’s Dreaming Of… ~ Part 2 | Zechariah 1:18-21; 5:5-11

Two More Unusual Dreams I. I’m dreaming of HORNS and CRAFTSMEN. (1:18-21)A. SCATTERED by the POWERFUL. (v.18; Micah 4:13, Dan. 7:24B. SAVED by the… CRAFTSMEN? (v.19-21; Zech. 4:6) These dreams of Zechariah are unusual in and of themselves...

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Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 10 | I Samuel 12:1-25

Samuel’s History Lesson I. The TEXT is very INTENTIONAL here. (I Sam. 11-12)A. A major VICTORY for the new KING. (I Sam 11)B. An EARLY farewell SPEECH. (I Sam 12)C. COMPARISON and CONTRAST. (v.3-5)D. A POWERFUL history LESSON. (v.6-19) II. Once...

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Samuel & Samson: The People God Uses – Part 9 | I Samuel 8:1-22

Give us a King I. Another TIME of TRANSITION. A. TRUSTED father and CORRUPT sons. (v.1-5) B. GIVE us a KING. (v. 5-22) 1. Samuel’s RESPONSE. (v. 6) 2. God’s RESPONSE. (v. 7-9) 3. The PEOPLE’S RESPONSE. (v. 10-22) All good things seem to come to...

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