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Holy Week – Resurrection Sunday 2022 | Luke 24:13-36

The Alive but Sometimes Invisible Jesus I. WALKING with the RISEN Jesus. (v.13-27)A. ALIVE but still INVISIBLE. (V.13-16)B. The PAIN of unmet EXPECTATIONS. (V.17-24)C. Seeing the ROAD as our CLASSROOM. (V.25-27) He is risen! He is risen indeed!...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 6 | I Corinthians 15

The Resurrection of the Dead I. Denying the Resurrection (v. 1-34)A. The Absurdity of Resurrection (v. 12; Acts 17:17-32; ch.24, ch.26)B. The Centrality of Resurrection (v. 3-8, 12-19)C. The Meaning of the Resurrection (v. 20-28) II...

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Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 10 (Easter) | Mark 15:42-16:8

Resurrection Life I. Resurrection ALWAYS start with DEATH. (15:42-16:1)A. SOMETHING we’d like to FORGET. (Jer. 29-45)B. A SOLEMN process of HONOURING. (15:42-16:1)C. A POWERFUL, yet neglected, METAPHOR. (v.46; I Cor. 12:27) Resurrection Sunday is...

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