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Theodore Martin
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Jake Giles
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Jeff Kuhn
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Jake Giles
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Elders Core Values

In a society where rapid and incessant change is the norm, it is important that church leadership be aware of the implications of change on the mission of the church.  One of the key ways to do that is to identify biblically based values that serve as reference points for us as we navigate the continually changing culture in which we find ourselves.

We believe that these values are examples of the way God has expressed Himself in the world.  Our calling is to “re-present” Him to that same world by “incarnating” these values.


We value being “Word Centred” because God expresses Himself both in and through the Living Word Jesus and the Written Word of Scripture.

Responses to the WORD:
As we live in relationship to and interaction with both the living and written WORD, we can expect that the following traits would be normal occurrences and would be concerned by their absence.

Prayer – The WORD is not merely an object to be studied, but a person with whom we interact and relate.

Service – As we know the WORD, our lives should be marked by service.

Love – The WORD speaks clearly of God’s love for us.  This in turn motivates us to return love to God and to love what God loves.

Risk – The WORD challenges our assumptions and calls us to set out on a life of surrender and submission.  This will undoubtedly entail risk.

Accountability – The WORD implies accountability in that we live in accountability to the WORD.

Spiritual Formation

We value Spiritual Formation because God expresses Himself in love for us, inviting us to love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.  God calls us to a long journey of being spiritually “formed” (transformed and conformed) into the image of Christ.


We value participation because God expresses himself by calling people to participate with Him in His Mission.  All believers should determine, develop, and use their God given gifts for the glory of God and the growth of His kingdom.  God exemplifies and calls for full participation:  there should be no spectators amongst His people.


We value innovation because God continually expresses Himself in innovation. In fact, the Incarnation of Jesus is the most innovative move ever made.


We value mission because God continually expresses Himself in mission. This is seen in creation, in the redemption of creation through His Son, and in the ultimate renewal and restoration of His creation under the Lordship of Jesus.


We value relationship because God expresses Himself in a Trinitarian relationship, and invites humanity to enter into relationship with Him.


We value diversity because God expresses Himself in diversity.  Diversity is seen in creation, in the make-up of His church, and in the gifting that He gives to believers.