that everyone is on a spiritual journey, whether they realize it or not. Our Goal is to help people take one step closer to Jesus. We don’t have all the answers, and we are far from perfect, but if you want people to walk with you on the journey, challenge your thinking, support you in difficult times, and seek to reflect Jesus to you, then we’’d love to be a part of that.

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This is a commitment to develop and maintain a relationship (within a GBC small group, with a GBC mentor, or a GBC elder) which has one of its main goals the reflection […]



This is a commitment to regular worship attendance and involvement with the GBC Community. It also implies the development of a practice of personal worship.



This is a commitment to learning the core concepts and teachings of the Bible, primarily within a Small Group or Adult SS setting.



This is a commitment with the help of the church to identify a specific calling/area of ministry and seek to grow and develop in this as a way of participating in the mission of God in the world.

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