Judges: NOT Following Where God Leads – Part 6

Judges 2:6-23

Judges: NOT Following Where God Leads – Part 6

The Book of Judges – Cole’s Notes Version

I. Judges: The LONG downward SPIRAL. (2:6-23)
A. The DEATH of JOSHUA. (1:1; 2:8-9)
B. The CANAANITES are not REMOVED. (1:1-2:5)
C. MORE than just FORGETTING. (2:10-12; Prov. 3:6)
D. The RESPONSE of the LORD. (2:13-23)

The book of Judges can be a challenging read, just like Joshua. In this 300+ year span of Jewish history it seems as if the Jews keep trying to top their failure and sin with even more failure and sin. The things described here boggle the mind and leave us with a feeling of disgust.

1. Kid’s Question: When have you disobeyed your parents or a teacher? What happened?
2. How do we best navigate following Jesus in a culture that does not follow Jesus? How can we influence instead of being influenced?

II. A CYCLE that just keeps REPEATING. (2:11-23; Ps. 106:34-42)
A. A RETURN to IDOLS. (2:11-13)
B. A DEFEAT by their ENEMIES. (2:14-15)
C. A PLEA to God for RELIEF . (2:18)
D. The rise of a JUDGE to LIBERATE them. (2:16-18)

The entire book of Judges follows a cyclical pattern. It’s fully described in chapter 2, verses 6-23. This serves as an introduction to the repeated failure of the Jews to follow the leading of God in their new home, the Promised Land. It’s pain to watch as it plays out over and over.

3. In what ways do you see echoes of the repeating cycle of the Judges in our world today? In your own life?
4. In what ways do we overestimate the power of flawed leaders today? How can we follow leaders, but keep the focus on Jesus?

III. Some QUESTIONS that ARISE from Judges.
A. Why do we CHOOSE what will HURT us? (2:10-12; Gen. 3:4-7; Rom. 1:21-23)
B. Is God ANGRY or COMPASSIONATE? (2:12-15,18; Ex. 34:6)
C. Judges highlights our NEED and God’s PATIENCE. (2 Pet. 3:9)
D. Judges POINTS toward the one who TRANSFORMS us. (2 Cor. 5:21)

But Judges confronts us with questions. There are questions about humanity and questions about God. And perhaps the biggest question is why do we even have this book in the Bible. There seems to be so little that is redemptive in the stories of the Jewish people during this period. Wouldn’t it be better just to ignore it altogether?

5. What is the “Big Story” of the Bible in your own words? How does that help explain the world as we see it today? What hope does it give for the future?
6. What are your thoughts about the anger/wrath of God? Did the Bible Project video help you or just raise more questions?
7. What are some ways that God has been patient with you? What have you learned through those experiences? How have you changed?
8. How does Jesus break the cycle we see in Judges? How have you experienced transformation in your own life through Christ?