Series: Corinthians - On Mission in Corinth

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 6 | I Corinthians 15

The Resurrection of the Dead I. Denying the Resurrection (v. 1-34)A. The Absurdity of Resurrection (v. 12; Acts 17:17-32; ch.24, ch.26)B. The Centrality of Resurrection (v. 3-8, 12-19)C. The Meaning of the Resurrection (v. 20-28) II...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 5 | Selections from 1 Cor. 11-14

When we come together I. Several ISSUES around a central THEME. (11:1-14:40)A. The CONTROVERSY around COVERINGS. (11:1-16)B. FORGETTING whose TABLE this is. (11:17-34)C. Spiritual GIFTS within the BODY. (12:1-31; 14:1-40) As we have walked...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 4 | 1 Corinthians 8-11:1

Incarnational Theology for the Church in a Pagan Environment (Or How Jesus Changes Everything) I. A CLASH with CULTURE (8:1; 10:20; Acts 18)A. An IDOLATRY SATURATED EnvironmentB. RESIST or Take PART (8:4,7)C. Practicing MONOTHEISM in a PAGAN...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 3 | Selections from 1 Cor. 5:1-6:20

What Happens When We Forget Who We Are I. Sexuality: DEALING with a Corinthian “SITUATION”. (5:1-13)A. CONFRONTING a shocking REALITY. (5:1)B. Taking ACTION to ADDRESS it. (5:2-5)C. It’s an ISSUE of our IDENTITY. (5:6-13) This passage is no easy...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 2 | Selections from 1 Cor. 1:10-4:21

At the Crossroads of Wisdom I. A human TENDENCY and Divine WISDOM. (1:10-4:21)A. ELEVATION by means of DIVISION. (1:10-17)B. The WISDOM of the FOOLISH cross.(1:18-31)C. PAUL as a prime EXAMPLE. (2:1-5)D. A radically DIFFERENT type of WISDOM...

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On Mission in Corinth – Part 1 | Acts 18:1-18; I Cor. 1:1-9

Location, Location, Location I. The STORY behind the LETTER. (Acts 18:1-18)A. UNDERSTANDING the CITY itself. (18:1)B. Paul MAKES a lot of CONNECTIONS. (18:2-11)C. The BIRTH of a new CHURCH. (18:7-11)D. The TENSIONS that inevitably FOLLOW...

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