Resurrection Sunday 2016

The Moment that Changed Everything John 20:1-31 March 27th, 2016

I. Lets be CLEAR about THIS (v.1-2; I Cor. 15)
A. We believe JESUS is ALIVE. (v. 14; I Cor. 15:3-5)
B. And THAT changes EVERYTHING. (I Cor. 15:20-23; 54-57)

Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is the most important celebration of the year. As Paul
says in I Corinthians 15, it is of first importance. Without the resurrection we would
have no hope. It proves that God has beaten death, and that there is a life beyond it
that comes through Jesus. This is a core truth of the gospel, and one that we should be
very clear on.

1. What does the resurrection of Jesus mean to you in your day to day life?
2. Can we experience resurrection now? If so, how does that look?

II. Appearing to HEART BROKEN Mary. (v.10-18)
A. Not GRIEVING, not LEAVING. (v.11)
B. Called by NAME, sent on MISSION. (v.16-17)
C. LIFE for those who SUFFER. (v.18,31; I Jn 4:16)

Jesus appears to three specific people/groups in our text. The first time is to Mary
Magdalene, who stands weeping by the tomb, unable to leave this place of heartwrenching
sorrow. He devotion is rewarded as she becomes the first to see the Risen
Christ. No matter how deep your pain, the resurrection brings new life.

3. When have you experienced grief or sadness like that of Mary? How did you
respond to that? Did God meet you there? In what way?
4. Mary was sent immediately to pass on the news about Jesus. What mission does
God have for you presently?
5. When has Jesus been working in your life and yet you didnt recognize it until later?

III. Then to the FEARFUL DISCIPLES. (v.17-23)
A. LINEN and LOCKED doors. (v.6-7, 19)
B. A new FAMILY of SHALOM. (v.17,19,21)
C. PEACE for those who FEAR. (v.19,21,31; I Jn. 4:18-19)

Peter and John run to check out the tomb, and even believe. What they actually believe
is unclear. But they dont wait by the tomb. Thats a dangerous place to be. They
return home and retreat behind locked doors. But Jesus doesnt forget them. He has
some important truths they need to embrace and understand.

6. How can the disciples believe and yet still be afraid? Have you had that same
7. What aspect of Shalom (peace with God, others, creation, within yourself) do you
most long for at this place in your life?

IV. FINALLY to CYNICAL Thomas (v.24-29)
A. This doesnt HAPPEN in the REAL world.(v.25)
B. BELIEVING in an UNSEEN reality. (v.28)
C. An INVITATION to BELIEVE. (v.27,29-31; II COr. 5:17-21)

Thomas takes a lot of criticism for being the cynical realist that he is. Even though that
same trait had been seen in devotion to Jesus earlier. (Jn 11:16) Thomas wants to see
this before he jumps in to the pool of belief. Jesus honors his desire with an invitation to
believe, just like he does to us today.

8. Are you a realist or an idealist? How does that impact your spiritual life?
9. How easy does faith (believing in what you dont see yet) come to you? Have you
grown in this area?
10.Which of the three appearances can you most identify with right now? Why?
11. What is God inviting you into at this stage in your life? How will you respond?