Gospel for a Messy Church – Part 9

Gospel for a Messy Church – Part 9

Gospel for a Messy Church – Part 9 The Power that Underlies Kingdom Wisdom I Corinthians 15:1-58 July 2nd, 2017


I. The POWER that comes from the GOSPEL. (v.1-19)
A. Christ DIED for OUR sins. (v.3)
B. He was BURIED and RESURRECTED. (v.4)
C. And then SEEN to be ALIVE. (v.5-8)
D. The HOOK on which everything HANGS. (v.9-19)

Today we finish up the letter of I Corinthians. Paul has been talking throughout this whole book about the difference between the wisdom of the world (what I have called “Corinthian Wisdom”) and the wisdom found in the Kingdom of God. Today He reminds us what not only gives birth to that wisdom in the world, but also what empowers us to live it out. It’s the gospel…and it changes everything.

1. Why is what Paul shares in this passage “…of first importance”? How does it impact your day to day life?
2. In your own words share why the resurrection is important to our lives as believers, not just the fact of resurrection (in the past), but the ongoing power of resurrection.

II. It’s the POWER of the RESURRECTION. (v.20-34)
A. The REVERSAL of what is BROKEN. (v.21-23)
B. The FULFILLMENT of the KINGDOM. (v.24-28)
C. The LIVING it out IN-BETWEEN. (v.29-34)

The good news is that resurrection overpowers death. The world, beautiful as it was at creation, was broken by our rebellion and sin against God. And while the condition is grave (pun intended), it’s not permanent. That’s why this is good news.

3. When you look at the world around you what are the top three things that are “broken” that you long to be made new?
4. In verse 28 it says, “…so that God may be all in all.” What does that mean?
5. In v.29-34 Paul links the resurrection to the choices we make day by day. How might God be speaking to you about living out the resurrection in your own life?

A. A SEED that DIES… (v.35-37; Jn 12:24)
B. …then BECOMES completely NEW. (v.38-48; II Cor. 5:17)
C. We WILL be TRANSFORMED (v.49; Phil. 1:6)

Paul gives us some help in grasping this idea of resurrection and what it means to us today. It’s like a seed being planted. Life comes out of it. But not without a process.

6. How does our society view death? We are dying, yet we are alive in Christ. Do you find that difficult to reconcile?
7. Is transformation possible now? If so, why don’t we see it more?

IV. The HOPE that EMPOWERS Kingdom Living. (v.50-58; Col. 1:3-6)
A. Our DESCENT and DEATH is necessary… (v.50; Jn. 12:24)
B. …but not PERMANENT.(v.49, 51-55; Jn 10:10)
C. Death BECOMES life thanks to JESUS. (v.57; Jn 5:24)
D. So EVERYTHING you do now MATTERS. (v.58; Eph. 5:15-16)

This power of resurrection, the message of the gospel, changes everything. Because we are going to live forever, and because the seed of life is in us now by the grace of Jesus, what we do matters. It’s the heart of Kingdom wisdom. God is always at work in ways that we don’t even see or understand. But He offers an open invitation to all who will join in. Will you?

8. How does the inevitability of our “descent and death” AND our “resurrection” face how you view your future (prior to your physical death)?
9. What is God reminding you about what you are doing that matters? How will you apply this in the coming weeks