I AM – Part 5

John 11

I AM – Part 5

The Resurrection and the Life

I. Talking Past Each Other (v.9-16, 21-27)
A. Cryptic Confusion (v. 9-16, 21-27, Mt. 13:34)
B. The Gap Between Knowledge and Faith (v. 22,24,26-27)
C. The Gap Between Different Kinds of Knowing (v.40, Job 42:5)

II. The Revelation of God’s Glory (v. 38-44)
A. The Scarcity of God (v.21,33-38)
B. The Reality of Death (v.33-39)
C. Faith Allows us to See God’s Faithfulness (v.40)

III. Knowing what can’t be Taught
A. Over-Reliance on Second-hand Knowledge (I Cor. 3:18-19)
B. Resurrected Faith (Romans 12:2)
C. Faith of Abraham (Gen. 22, Psalm 115:1)

1. Kids Question: Why do you think Jesus says so many confusing things?
2. Is it possible to be a rational thinking person and have a vibrant faith? Do these things go together or are they mutually exclusive?
3. Some examples of everyday things you know by acquaintance are what certain colours look like, or the way it feels when you stub your toe. What are some matters of faith that you have learned by acquaintance?
4. How would you define God’s glory?
5. When has God seemed silent or scarce in your life?
6. When was a moment when you put your full trust in God? How was God faithful to you? 7. What is something you’ve been taught or always believed about God that, now that you think of it, has no justification in the Bible?
8. What would it look like for God to unleash His blessings, promised to Abraham, through you? What would it take for that to begin happening?