Resurrection Sunday (Easter) 2023

Matthew 28:1-10

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) 2023

He is not here, He is risen, just as He said

I. The tomb: A PLACE of IMPOSSIBILITY. (v.1-6)
A. The INTERSECTION of two REALMS, (v.2-3)
B. The “POWERFUL” are rendered POWERLESS. (v.4)
C. The GRIEVING are given HOPE. (v.1,5-6)

You don’t come to a tomb with high hopes. The text even says that the women were only coming to “look at the tomb.” A tomb is a place of impossibility. A place where we come to grieve and miss that which we have lost. But this Sunday morning was not like any other Sunday morning ever.

1. Kid’s Question: If you had been one of the people seeing Jesus that first Easter morning what question would you have asked Him?
2. How conscious are you of the Kingdom realm that is here with us every moment? How can we become more so?

II. The people: FINDING ourselves in the STORY. (v.4-10)
A. Those trying to CONTAIN Jesus – FAILURE. (v.4)
B. Those SEEKING to love – ENCOUNTER. (v.1,8-9)
C. Those hiding in FEAR – ACCEPTANCE and HOPE. (v.7,10)

The Bible is the story about Jesus…but it always points to the ways that we encounter Him. We are never the main characters in the story, but we are in it. There are several examples in this text of where each of us may be coming from today.

3. Have you ver been guilty of trying to “contain” or control Jesus? What was that like?
4. In what ways would you show love to Jesus if you could? What would you do?
5. When have you felt your fear or brokenness separated you from Jesus? How does His message to the disciples impact that?

III. The call: RESPONDING to the new REALITY. (v.7,10; Mk 1:15)
A. Kingdom: Do NOT be AFRAID. (v.5,10; Mt. 19:26)
B. Encounter: COME and SEE. (v.6,8; 2 Cor. 3:18)
C. Mission: GO and TELL. (v.7,10; Jn 12:32)

The resurrection really has changed everything. The Kingdom is here with us…the power of God is available for us. That should shape everything about the way we live our lives.

6. What are the fears that God is calling you to let go in light of resurrection power and hope?
7. How are you seeking to encounter Jesus in your everyday life?
8. Who can you share the good news of the Kingdom of God with in the coming week?