Season of Advent – Part 4B (Love) / Gospel of John – Part 2

John 1:29-51

Season of Advent – Part 4B (Love) / Gospel of John – Part 2

Come and See

I. The WAY Jesus COMES. (v.29-39)
A. QUIETLY but in PROXIMITY . (v.29,36)
B. ASKING probing QUESTIONS. (v.37)

Last week Jake talked about the coming of the “Word” of God in the flesh bringing light to the world. John continues to tell the story of the coming of Jesus throughout his gospel, as well as the stories of those who come to the One who is coming to them.

1. Kid’s Question: If Jesus asked you what you wanted, what would you say?
2. Reflect the speed and “noise” of your life. How challenging is it for you to stay attentive to the quiet and unexpected ways that Jesus might come to you?

II. The PEOPLE to whom Jesus COMES. (v.37-51)
A. To THOSE who WANT. (v.37,39,43-46; Mt. 11:28)
B. To those EXCITED to TELL others. (v.41,45-46; Acts 1:8)
C. To those WILLING to SEE deeper. (v.41,45,49; Gen. 28:12)

The disciples were, as many have often said, not the cream of the crop. Jesus could have chosen others who were more suitable according to the standards of the day. But Jesus chooses followers differently than anyone else. There’s a lot to learn from the people to whom He comes.

3. When do you think Jesus “has come” to you? What was that like? Was there anything about it that was unexpected or surprising?
4. How easy is it for you to talk with others about your own faith journey? How can you seek to be a little more open with this aspect of your own life?
5. As you reflect on your own journey with Jesus, when has He allowed you a deeper perspective on what He is doing in and around you?

III. RESPONDING to the One who COMES. (v.37; Jn. 1:11-12)
A. SLOW down and LOOK around. (v.29,36; Lk. 19:43-44)
B. Dig down BENEATH your WANTS. (v.37; Prov. 20:5)
C. Share the JOURNEY with OTHERS. (v.41,46; Lk 6:45)
D. Come as you ARE, not as you AREN’T. (v.38,46; Ps 34:18; Jn 6:37))

As one year closes out and we look to begin again tomorrow, it is natural to reflect and what has happened and seek to refocus for the year ahead. The best plan is to greet each day connecting with the one who quietly comes into our situation, and to respond to Him in ways that will shape our day to day lives.

6. What is one specific way that you can slow down and be more attentive to Jesus in
the coming week?
7. What do you want from Jesus right now? What might be the deeper “want” hiding
beneath that?
8. What aspects of your own life and “faithfulness” might hold you back from bringing
all you are to Jesus?