The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Part 8

Revelation 14:1-15:4

The One at the Centre of It All

Guess the sermon content – fill in the blanks of the outline and email it to Pastor Jeff ( by Sunday morning at 8:00 AM.
Two (2) categories: (1) actual, and (2) creative. A prize will be rewarded for each category. And yes, you can win both categories.
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I. __________ the __________ of the text. (14:1-15:4)
A. The __________ of the Lamb’s __________. (14:1-5; 15:1-4)
B. __________ angels and three __________. (14:6-13, 15-20)
C. “One like a __________ of __________.” (14:14; Dan. 7:13-14)

The intricacy of the text of Scripture is, to me, one of its greatest proofs. The more you slow down and begin to sit with the text the more levels you are able to see. Today’s text is another example of a Hebrew chiasm. It focuses our attention on the one person worthy of our attention.

1. Kid’s Question: After your parent’s read this passage to you, draw a picture of what you think John saw. What stands out to you?
2. What is the most striking image or element to you from chapter 14? Why is that?

II. The Message: A __________ between __________. (14:6-20)
A. __________ angels who __________. (14:6-13)
B. The __________ who __________. (14:14; Dan. 7:14)
C. A __________ that may __________ you. (14:15-20)
D. A __________ image or a __________ one? (14:19-20)

We have been called to be witnesses, even to the point of death, trusting that God will protect us on both sides of death because we are His. Our message as witnesses is to call others to make the choice that we, by grace, have made. To choose the Kingdom of God over the kingdom of the dragon.

3. If someone asked you to “proclaim the eternal gospel” to them, what would you say?
4. How is your understanding of “the eternal gospel” different than that of the angels?How is it alike?
5. What is your reaction to Jeff’s (and Dr. Darrell Johnson’s) thoughts on 14:19-20?

III. REALITY is not as it SEEMS. (2 Cor. 4:18)
A. A cosmic __________ where God is __________. (Rev. 12; Col. 2:15)
B. __________ during the __________ last stand. (Rev. 13; Jn 16:33)
C. The __________ of Christ __________ for the world. (Rev. 14; Lk 22:19)
D. __________, __________, and until He __________. (Rev. 2:26; Heb 10:23)

Chapter 12-14 of Revelation convey the very centre of the message to the churches who were suffering under the crushing power of Rome. They’re wondering how their current situation fits with the truth of Jesus as Lord. We wonder the same things sometimes.

6. How do the aspects Jeff highlighted from Rev. 12-14 speak to your life at this moment?
7. How can we, as believers, live with an awareness that true gospel reality is not as it seems to be from our perceptions?
8. How might God want you to offer your life for the world around you?