The Gospel According to Romans – Part 8

Romans 12:1-21

The Gospel According to Romans – Part 8

The Gospel Formed Life

I. TWO well known VERSES. (v.1-2)
A. In VIEW of God’s MERCY. (Rom. 1-11)
B. Offer your BODIES as an act of WORSHIP. (v.1)

Many people have heard Romans 12:1-2. This idea of a living sacrifice seems to be one that catches hold in our imaginations. But often we become so familiar with a given Biblical text that we miss what is right in front of our eyes. It’s important to slow down and take in what these verses are saying.

1. Kid’s question: When have you had to sacrifice something for someone else?
2. Of the three ideas Jeff shared about v. 1-2, which stands out the most to you? Why?

II. Get a BIG PICTURE understanding. (v.3-8)
A. You are a PART of a large WHOLE. (v.3-5)
C. Everyone has a ROLE to PLAY. (v.6-8)

Paul says that our bodies and minds are a part of something way larger. God is doing something that will impact all of His creation. And each part is important. We all have a role to play in the bigger picture. Far too often we only see the scope of our lives and miss the bigger picture.

3. What does it mean, practically and day to day, that you actually belong to all the others in the body of Christ? What does that imply about our relationships to one another?
4. What do you think your gift is? (They’re not limited to the ones listed in the text.) Are you using it? How?

III. OFFERING your body helps RENEW your mind. (v.9-19)
A. LOVE others GENUINELY. (v.9-10)
B. GUARD your ATTITUDES. (v.11-12)

Paul moves on to some specific, and very tangible, ways that we begin to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. And as we do theses physical acts, as we take captive our thoughts in line with the truth he was been writing about, both our bodies and our minds begin to be transformed.

5. Of all the commands listed in v.9-19, which do you find the most challenging and why? How could you offer your body as a sacrifice and begin to do those things?
6. Which of these are seen as counter-cultural in our world today? How do they all flow out of internalizing the truth of the gospel?

IV. Learning the PATHWAY of FORMATION. (Rom. 8:29)
A. TEACH the MIND. (v.2; Ps. 1:1-3; 2 Cor. 10:4-5; Phil. 4:8)
B. TRAIN the BODY. (v.1, 9-19; Rom. 8:12-13; I Tim. 4:7)
C. CULTIVATE the HEART. (v.1,5; 2 Cor. 5:14-15; I Jn 4:19)

I’ve often said that coaching basketball was the best training for ministry that I ever had. I realized by coaching a team that there are three indispensable elements in shaping a group of people for a specific purpose.

7. Of the three elements Jeff lists as a pathway for formation, which one do you need to intentionally focus on at this point in your spiritual journey?
8. What is one step you will take to wither teach the mind, train the body, or cultivate the heart?