Revelation: Things Are Not As They Seem – Part 2

It’s not just another Sunday… Revelation 1:9-20 April 10th, 2016


I. Not just ANOTHER SUNDAY. (v.9-11)
A. In EXILE but not ALONE. (v.9)
B. PRAYING with the OUR (v.10)
C. WORSHIP always calls for RESPONSE. (v.11)
As much as I hate to admit it, your Sunday service today will fall far short of
Johns worship service on Patmos. As he prayed and reflected on the body of
believer of which he was a part, he saw the true body of Christ in a vision. And
Christ gave him a task to do, Write what you see Johns faithfulness is what
brings us to the text today.
1. Read Johns phrase in v. 9 your brother and companion in the suffering
(literally tribulation) and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in
Jesus What do these three elements say to you where you are at today?
2. When have you sensed God calling you to a specific response. Share that
with others in your group. Does worship always call for response?

II. A VISION of JESUS (v. 12-16; Dan. 7:13-14)
A. A robe The ONE who STANDS between. (v.13)
B. A sash A WORK completed in VICTORY. (v.13)
C. Head and hair ETERNAL WISDOM. (v.14)
D. Eyes PURE and PURIFYING. (v.14; Heb 4:12-13)
E. Feet A SOLID foundation. (v.15)
F. Voice PEACE and POWER. (v.15)
G. Hand HOLDING his PEOPLE. (v.16)
H. Mouth WORDS that CUT to the truth. (v.16)
J. The FAITHFUL apostle COLLAPSES. (v.17)
I know, its a long point, but you have to see the vision for what it is. John grasps
for images in his mind to convey what it is that he is seeing. He pulls pictures
from Exodus, Daniel, and Ezekielbut he doesnt stop there. He even steals
phrases from Roman press releases, current (for him) astrology, and Greek folk
religion. He will stop at nothing to seek to communicate in its fullness all that he
saw. Its important for us to see it. He had no response other than to fall on his
3. If you were describing Jesus to someone else, what traits would you
emphasize and why?
4. What aspect of this vision has the most meaning for you?
5. John had known Jesus on earth. What impact do you think that had on this
radically different vision of Jesus?

III. A MESSAGE for people in CRISIS. (v.17-20)
A. Do not FEAR. (v.17; Mt. 28:10)
B. The GIFT of a new VISION of REALITY. (v.17-18; II Cor 4:18)
C. WHERE is GOD in all this? (v.19-20; Mt. 28:20)
When we see Jesus, we can be struck with fear. When we really get a glimpse
of who He is it exposes all the weakness, shame, and arrogance of who we are.
And then He speaks. While we are expecting judgment we hear, Do not fear.
Although it appears that the church is being stamped out by the power of Rome,
things are not as they appear. Jesus stands, powerful and patient, forgiving and
forever, in the middle of his church.
6. What is the current vision of reality that most people live by? You may not be
able to state it comprehensively, but think about some statements that people
accept as true and live their lives by. (i.e. Ive got to look out for myself or no one
else will.) How does Jesus challenge these ideas?
7. What areas of your life are causing you fear right now? How can this vision of
Jesus help you though them?
8. If Jesus is with us in our crisis, why does He sometimes allow us to feel so

A. Worship is to SEE, HONOR, and SURRENDER. (Gen 22:5)
B. We must CHOOSE our defining VISION. (Rev.4:8-11)
C. He is WITH you in your CRISIS. (Rev.12:10-11)
We have a choice before us today. We must choose the vision that will guide our
lives. This is the essence of faith. To be a part of the tribulation that John lives
in and yet to trust. Jesus stands firm, holding his people and their destiny in His
right hand. Worship is a way that we remind ourselves of this. Its remembering
the truth about the world.
9. If someone asked you what worship was, how would you define it?
10. If we accept Jesus as our defining vision, what are some of the implications
for your life tomorrow?