Revelation: Things Are Not As They Seem – Part 18

“Can’t you just taste it…” Revelation 21:1-22:6 August 7, 2016


I. A VISION of what WAS and what WILL be.
A. RESTORATION of a BROKEN world. (21:5)
B. What we NEED is BEYOND us. (21:2)
C. A CITY that is a PEOPLE. (21:9-10; Jn. 17:20-23)

When you consider all that weve seen over the past 17 weeks, this vision of the New Jerusalem is a fitting ending to what has been an incredible journey. The beauty of it is in that it comes full circle. We see a return to what we started with…God walking in the cool of the day in the Garden, enjoying relationship with His creation. Revelation 21-22 is a vision of what will be, but also a vision of what once was.

1. What parts of this series on Revelation have been the most challenging for
you? Why do you think that is?
2. In what ways does seeing this text as a return to an Eden like state help you to see the plan of God for His creation?
3. The city is a people. What exactly does that mean? And what does that do to our ideas of heaven?

II. What we SEE…and what we DONT. (21:1-22:6)
A. No SEA of CHAOS Light of GLORY. (21:1,11,23)
B. No more CURSE- Real LIFE. (22:1-3)
C. No SIN Lives of creative SERVICE. (21:8,27; 22:3,5)
D. No closed GATES DIVERSITY of PEOPLES. (21:25-26)
E. No TEMPLE The FACE and PRESENCE of God. (21:3,22)

Darrell Johnson, in his book Discipleship on the Edge, makes a very helpful
addition to our thoughts by comparing and contrasting what we do and dont see in the New Jerusalem. Although I have some different points of emphasis than he does, it helps us to see the bigger picture when we look at the city in this way. And it goes without saying that what we dont see we will not miss!

4. Of all the things mentioned in this section, what will you miss the least…
and what will you enjoy the most? Why is that?
5. Based on this text, how would you describe heaven to someone who asked you what it might look like?
6. Glory (doxa in Greek) literally means the heaviness of the presence of God. In what ways have you experienced that glory in your life?

A. I Am… – Dont SETTLE for a LESSER Jesus…(21:6)
B. I am making… Live TOWARD the PROMISE. (21:5)
C. Trustworthy and true… – LIVING by FAITH. (22:6)
D. Prepared as a bride… – COME to the TABLE…(21:2,9)

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. (Col. 3:1-3) We need to live today by focusing on tomorrow.

7. Read Col. 3:1-17. How do the first 3 verses pave the way for verses 4-14?
8. If God is making all things new, in what practical ways can you work with Him this week?
9. Do we find ourselves longing for the New Jerusalem? Why or why not? If not, how can we cultivate that longing in our lives?
10. How has this text shaped your view of communion? How has it shaped your life for the coming week?

“…the Christian mission today calls for a creative minority that embodies the ethics of the Kingdom, lives by the power of the age to come, and invites people to leave their old ways and to believe that in Jesus Christ the new creation has broken into history for the healing of the nations. Vinay Samuel