Palm Sunday (COVID-19 version)

John 12:12-19; John 18-19

Palm Sunday (COVID-19 version)

Looking for a Hero in Desperate Times

I. JOY of every longing HEART. (Jn 12:12-19)
A. A LONG time of WAITING. (12:12-15; Zech. 9:9-17)
B. A REASON to be JOYFUL. (12:12-18)
C. A PROBLEM for those in POWER. (12:17-19)

We are all looking for a hero in desperate times. Who will fix this mess we find ourselves in. That feeling is not unlike what the Jews felt on that first “Palm Sunday”. They had been beaten down for so many years, always waiting for the one who was to come and make everything right. And here it was…on the road into Jerusalem.

1. Kid’s Question: What was the hardest thing that you ever had to wait for? What made that so hard?
2. What are the situations in your own life that you are longing for God to change?

A. Peter GRASPS for CONTROL. (Jn 18:1-11)
B. HIs FEAR leads to SELF-PROTECTION. (18:15-27)
C. We WATCH as it gets “WORSE”. (Jn 18-19)
D. LIFE pushes us to BURY hope. (19:31-42)

The problem is that the One who comes to fix things seem to have a different idea than we do of the best way to proceed. Jesus tends to lead us in unexpected ways. No one would have guessed a cross in the Messiah’s future. Those close to Jesus reacted in the same ways we react to the unexpected today.

3. In what areas of life do you think that control is the only way things will get better? What steps do you hear God calling you to take in that area?
4. When has fear led you to make a poor choice? How can that be different for you in the future?
5. What areas of your life have gone so far that you are afraid to hope? What might God be calling you to do in those areas?

III. LISTENING to Jesus in the CHAOS. (Jn 18-19)
A. This is NOT a SURPRISE. (18:11; Jn 13:19; Is. 46:9-10)
B. The TRUTH about me will EXPOSE you. (18:19-23; Heb 4:12)
C. The KINGDOM moves DIFFERENTLY. (18:36)
D. GOD is DIRECTING history. (19:11; Ps. 22:28)
E. Our RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. (18:8-9; 19:26-27)
F. ALL shall be WELL. (19:28-30; Ps. 46:8-11)

But if Jesus is the one we are waiting for, the One who will make things right, shouldn’t we just let Him do that? What if we just quieted down all the noise from what we want and all our preconceived religious expectations and let Jesus just lead. What might happen then?

6. What have you learned about the way the Kingdom of moves differently than you expect and how have you learned that?
7. What relationships is God calling you to take special care of during this COVID pandemic?
8. Of the 6 things mentioned about listening to Jesus which one speaks to you today and why?