Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 8

Mark 14:3-11

Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 8

The Kingdom of the Messiah

I. The IMPLICATIONS of What SHE Did (14:3-5; Isaiah 61:1-3; I Sam. 16:13)
A. A SYMBOL of RECKLESS Devotion (14:4-5)
B. ANOINTING the ANOINTED One (Isaiah 61:1-3; Mark 1:1, 8:29)
C. Preparing to DIE (14:8, 16:1)

II. The CONTEXT of What HE Said (14:6-9)
A. Quoting a CONCESSION (14:7; Deut. 15:1-11)
B. A CHALLENGE to His Disciples (14:7)
C. Words Worth DYING For (14:10-11)

A. The Good News is RECKLESS (Is. 61:1-3, Jesus’ Parables)
B. The Good News is an INDICTMENT of Empire (Phil. 2:9-11; Rev. 17:14; Col. 3:17)
C. The Good News is About DEATH (14:8, 8:31, 34-35; John 12:24-26)

Questions for Further Reflection:

1. What assumptions do you bring to this text? Who is this woman? Why are the disciples upset? Why does Jesus say what he says? What does the phrase, “Jesus is King” mean to you?
2. Had you connected this passage with the laws of Jubilee in Deut. 15 before? What do you make of this quote from Jesus?
3. In what ways might Jesus be challenging you to re-evaluate your good intentions?
4. How does the reckless nature of the Gospel make you feel? Does it excite you? Scare you? Confuse you?
5. What does it mean for the good news of Jesus to be an indictment of empire today? What kingdoms might Jesus be running a counter-campaign against?
6. What does it look like to take up our cross and follow Jesus?
7. What things might you need to die to? What things might you need to lavishly pour out on Jesus? Lent is an opportunity to do those very things. Spend some time in prayer asking God for direction this season.