Luke – The Story of Jesus: Part 4

Luke 9:18-36

Luke – The Story of Jesus: Part 4

The Truth and its Implications

I. A DECLARATION of the TRUTH. (V.18-20)
A. READING the REALITY around them. (v.18-20)
B. “But WHAT about YOU?” (v.20)

After more examples of Jesus living out the mission we come to a familiar story where Jesus questions His disciples regarding their own understanding of who He is. Peter steps up to the plate and has the right answer. But as is often the case, knowing the answering and understanding the truth can be two very different things.

1. Kid’s Question: What does it feel like for you to answer a question correctly in front of a group of people?
2. Describe a time when you came to a realization that what you thought you knew fully was more complicated than you had first imagined. What was that like for you?

II. Correct TERMINOLOGY or internalized TRUTH? (v.21-27)
A. DEATH is on the road to LIFE. (v.21-22)
B. A FOLLOWER always FOLLOWS. (v.23)
C. REMEMBERING Kingdom VALUES. (v.24-26)

In order to help the disciples move the truth of His Messiahship from their head (with all the baggage they have attached to it) to their heart (where it begins to impact their lives deeply), Jesus drops some heavy truth bombs on them. I can imagine hearing these words were, at the very least, unsettling.

3. Put yourself in the disciple’s sandals. What did Jesus words in v.21-27 mean for them practically? How would their lives (and hopes and expectations) be challenged if they let the truth of His words sink in?
4. What does v.24 say to you at this point in time? What does “saving” or “losing” your life look like in the coming week?

III. SEEING the KINGDOM of God. (v.27-36)
A. Watch CAREFULLY as the SCENE unfolds. (v.28-36)
B. Clear VALIDATION of the TRUTH. (v.29-31)
C. Seriously MISSING the POINT. (v.32-33)

What none of them could have predicted was that just over a week later Peter, James, and John would see “the Kingdom” – Jesus in a glorified state, speaking with Moses and Elijah. It’s a fantastic moment, and one where we need to linger for a bit.

5. What stands out to you most about the experience the disciples had at Jesus transfiguration? Why?

IV. Being AWAKENED to the TRUTH . (v.32; Lk 24:30-32)
A. Truth often brings FEAR and LOSS. (v.21-24; Mt. 17:6; Phil. 3:7-8)
B. Truth is ENCOUNTERED in PRAYER. (v.28-29; Ps. 73:16-17)
C. Truth STARTS with LISTENING. (v.35; Jn 8:31-32)
D. Truth REFLECTS kingdom VALUES. (v.22-26,36; Mt. 7:15-20)

Jesus wants His followers to know the truth of His Messiahship, not just as an answer to a question, but as something that begins to change the way they view everything around them. He wants them to know Him, the Truth, fully, and to let that knowing becoming the driving force for all they do.

6. When has moving closer to truth caused fear or loss for you? Is there anything you’re avoiding the truth about now in order to avoid fear or loss?
7. What is your own experience of prayer? What are (or have been) your highs and lows of prayer?
8. What has God been saying to you through this series in Luke? How will you respond to that prompting of the Holy Spirit?