Lent 2018: The Words of Amos – Part 5

The Words of Amos – Part 5 From Ruin to Renewal…in only 15 verses. Amos 9:1-15 March 18th, 2018

I. A vision of RUIN and REVELATION. (v.1-6)
A. The IMPLODING temple. (v.1)
B. No CHANCE of ESCAPE. (v.2-4)
C. Seeing and KNOWING the LORD. (v.5-6)

Wait a second Jeff, I thought you said chapter 9 was better…that there was some hope here? There is, but this chapter moves from Ruin to Renewal. And that is sometimes a painful process. Often the things we see in our reflections during Lent don’t just slip away from our lives. Sometimes there is a painful process of rooting them out and surrendering them to God.

1. This first part of chapter 9 paints a pretty vengeful picture of God. How does that impact you? How can we communicate that to people outside the church honestly and yet with love?
2. How have you sometimes given God a “make over” in your own life to better suit what you want Him to be?

II. RELATIONSHIP assumptions and a REMNANT. (v.7-10)
A. What should have lead to TRUST… (v.7, 2:9-11)
B. …lead to ARROGANCE. (v.7, 6:1-2)
C. The KINGDOM falls, the TENT stands. (v.9,11)

So many times what should have made a difference doesn’t. Israel should have seen God’s protection and provision in their history. But like the old hymn, they (and often us) are prone to wander. The very things that should have brought them humility and thankfulness make them arrogant.

3. What do spiritually arrogant people look like? What are the signs that we might be becoming arrogant in our Christianity?
4. How does our brokenness and the honestly we live with about it help to combat our tendency toward pride? With this is mind why is it so hard to be open about it?

III. Finally…RESTORATION and RENEWAL. (v.11-15)
A. REBUILDING the PEOPLE of God. (v.11-12; Acts 15:16-18)
B. RENEWING the CREATION. (v.13-14)
C. RESTORING the “LAND”. (v.15)
D. ALL of this a GIFT of God. (v.16)

Here is the breath of hope that we have been longing for all through Amos. There is going to be renewal. Things will get better. And Amos paints a big picture…bigger than
anyone even realized. He points forward all the way to Revelation 21 and 22, and all of this a gift from God.

5. Does the vision of Amos in v.11-15 impact your day to day life? In what ways?
6. Take some time to share with others the gifts of God in your own life. How does that shape your perspective on everyday life?

IV. WALK away from AMOS changed…
A. Ask JESUS into your CHECKBOOK. (Mt. 6:21; Lk 16:13)
B. Care about the POOR and BROKEN. (Ps 113:5-8)
C. SURRENDER to whole life WORSHIP. (Rom 12:1)
D. LIVE the RENEWAL now. (I Pet. 2:12)

The season of Lent is all about reflection and repentance. Sometimes we just need to stop in that process and say, “Now what?” How can we walk away from Amos living differenty? What are some steps we can take to apply what we see here into our own lives? I’m glad you asked.

7. Which of the 4 application points comes easiest for you? Which is the hardest? Why is that?