Lent 2016: Trusting God In a World That Doesn’t – Part 5

A Dream and a Den of Lions Daniel 6:1-28; 7:9-14, 26-28 March 13th, 2016


I. A VERY familiar STORY. (6:1-28)
A. The CLASH between KINGDOMS. (6:1-9)
B. LIVING in a different REALITY (6:10-14)

You would be hard pressed to find a story more well known from the Old Testament.
Daniel in the lions den conjures up images of flannel graph scenes from the childhood
of many. There is something powerful about the idea that hungry lions could wait to eat
until Daniel was out and the other officials were in. But there is something going on
here thats bigger than lions and their mealtimes.

1. What are the areas where you see visible manifestations today of the clash between
the Kingdoms of the world and the Kingdom of God?
2. On a scale of 1-10 how well do you live in a different reality when the difficulty comes
your way?
3. What would you say the key message of Daniel 6 been to you before now? Is it
different after this sermon? How does that apply to where you are in life right now?

II. The QUESTION is HOW? (7:1-28)
A. REVELATION of the TRUTH from God. (7:9-14)
B. A LIFETIME of learning to TRUST. (Chap. 1-7; 6:10; 7:26-28)

When we pause to reflect on this story we are confronted with the question, Could I
have done what Daniel did? We know He was faithful, but how? How did he actually
have the courage to thumb his nose at the powerful and continue to surrender to a God
that would allow him to spend the night with the lions? And more importantly, how can I
do that?

4. What are the core truths about God that shape your life? How can you know?
5. What have been your steps along the journey of learning to truth in God? How has
failure played a part in that process?

III. Daniels LESSONS for LENT.
A. RHYTHMS that anchor us in REALITY. (6:10,16,20; I Tim. 4:7; Mark 1:35)
B. The PERMANENCE and PERSONALITY of God. (7:26-27; Gen. 18:25)
C. Living with the KNOWN and UNKNOWN. (7:28; Heb. 2:7-9)

Daniel serves well as a Lenten tutor, his faith in the God who rules overall is a great
example for us. The world we live in constantly challenges the idea of God who rules
over the nations and yet loves humanity. Sometimes we see His power clearly, other
times we are left in the dark and forced to live by faith in Him alone. But this is how we
learn, this is how we grow.

6. What rhythms anchor you in the reality of the Kingdom of God?
7. How patient are you with yourself in regards to the growth of your faith and trust?
How patient do you think God is with you?
8. If someone asked you to describe Gods personality what would you say? Why?
9. When has a reality of the truth of God left you like Daniel in 7:28? How did that play
out for you?
10.How comfortable are you with trusting in God during the unknown? What rhythms
might help you to grow in that area?