I Thessalonians: A Letter of Hope – Part 2

I Thessalonians 3:12-13

I Thessalonians: A Letter of Hope – Part 2

God’s Will: Your Sanctification

II. The Call to HOLINESS (4:1-8)
A. The REALITY of Sex in Greco-Roman SOCIETY
B. Another Counter-CULTURAL CRITIQUE (1:9-10, 4:3-6, 5:21-22)
C. EMBODIED Holiness (4:4, Mt. 5:27-30)

III. The Foundation of LOVE (4:9-12)
A. Love BEGETS Holiness (3:12-13)
B. No DANGER of Loving too MUCH (4:9-10)
C. The HONOUR of Living SIMPLY (4:11-12)

IV. The PRESENT Role of FUTURE Hope (4:13-5:11)
A. An ENCOURAGEMENT (4:18, 5:11)
B. A BLUEPRINT (5:1-5)
C. An ILLUMINATING LIGHT (5:5-8, Luke 12:35-38, Mt. 25:1-13)

V. How to WALK(4:1)
A. If you’re in the CHOIR, LISTEN up! (4:1, 10, 5:11)
B. Struggling with SIN? LOVE More (3:12-13)
C. Be INFLUENCE by Faith, Hope, and Love (5:5-8, 5:21-22)

Questions for Further Reflection

1. Kid’s Question: Is there a time when it was hard for you to love someone? Why? What did you do?
2. What has your understanding of sanctification been? What were you taught about it growing up?
3. Have you experienced sanctification as more of a work of God in your life or something that you have to bring about?
4. Holy is a very “churchy” word. What words might you replace it with to talk about the same thing?
5. What other counter-cultural critiques can we live out as followers of Jesus?
6. What role does your body play in your pursuit of holiness?
7. How does the phrase, “Love begets Holiness” strike you? Does that ring true? What would you replace the word Love with?
8. How is living simply an act of love?
9. What role does hope play in your life? What are you hoping for?
10. What are the greatest influencers in your life? How do you test everything and hold on to what is good?