I AM – Part 3

John 8:12-30

I AM – Part 3

Light of the World

I. A RADICAL claim at a Jewish FEAST. (v.12)
A. The CONTEXT of “SUKKOT”. (Lev. 23; Jn 7:2)
B. The RITUALS of the FEAST. (Jn 7:38)
D. The LOCATION of the STATEMENT. (v.20)

I am the light of the world. Seems like a pretty nebulous statement. For those of us who have been around church for a while we hardly even give it a second thought. But when Jesus says this statement He does so in an atmosphere so charged with meaning that it is amazing that he wasn’t immediately put to death.

1. Kid’s question: Why is sleeping out in a tent with friends so much fun?
2. How does the understanding of the Feast of Tabernacles give you insight into what Jesus was saying?
3. If you had to explain to someone what “God is light” means to you personally, what would you say?

II. The QUESTION of AUTHORITY. (v.13-30)
A. An entirely different FRAME of REFERENCE. (v.14-19, 23)
B. A RELATIONAL basis for TRUTH. (v.18-19, 26)
C. It will be SETTLED by SACRIFICE. (v.28; Phil. 2:8-11)

His radical statement couldn’t go without challenge, especially not when and where He made it. So the religious leaders question by what authority He says these words. They are looking for a justification, and from their perspective there really is none. But their perspective is the whole problem.

4. When has Jesus challenged the way you thought things should be? What was that like for you?
5. What does it mean that “Truth is a relational concept”? How does that change our pursuit of the truth?

III. WALKING in the LIGHT. (v.12; I Jn. 5:7)
A. SURRENDER to a new FRAME of REFERENCE. (v.23-24; Rom 12:2)
B. Focus on KNOWING in RELATIONSHIP. (v.19; In. 10:25-27)
C. FOLLOW where the light LEADS. (v.12; Jn 7:17; Jn 21:22)

Jesus steps into our “feast” and challenges us too. How are we to walk in the light that He embodies? What does it mean that God is light and that we are now called to be “the light of the world”? What claims does this “I Am” statement make on our day to day lives?

6. In what area(s) is God challenging you to surrender to a new frame of reference?
7. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus and what it has taught you about truth?
8. What makes following the light challenging for you?