I AM – Part 1

John 6:25-59

I AM – Part 1

Bread of Life

I. PURSUING Jesus on our TERMS. (v.25-34)
A. ASKING surface QUESTIONS. (v.25)
B. SEARCHING for a SYSTEM. (v.28)
C. Demanding PROOF by PRODUCTION. (v.30-31)

The context is important here. Jesus has just feed 5000+ with 5 loaves and two fish. Then they saw the disciples leave in the only boat, without Jesus. But He is nowhere to be found, so they go looking for Him. Just like we often do. We pursue Jesus, but often for our own ends.

1. Kid’s Question: If you could ask Jesus any question what would it be and why?
2. What are some of the “surface questions” we often spend time on that seem spiritual but really are only distractions from deeper issues?
3. In what ways do we demand proof from Jesus?

II. The RESPONSES of JESUS. (v.25-59)
A. REDIRECTION of every QUESTION. (v.25-40)
B. CHALLENGING of expected CATEGORIES. (v.41-59)
C. The OFFERING of HIMSELF. (v.51-59)

When they finally encounter Jesus He forces them on another journey. A path of letting go of their own demands and expectations. They think they know what they are looking for, they think that have the ability to discern what it is that they need. Jesus will challenge everything they think as He gives Himself to them.

4. What are some of the ways that following Jesus has challenged your own preconceived expectations?
5. In your own words what does it mean to you that Jesus offers himself to you?

III. 2020: The Calling to COME and to BELIEVE (vs.35; Ps 90:12)
A. UNLEARNING and RELEARNING. (v.30-35; Mk. 8:29-33)
B. Fewer ANSWERS more TRUST. (v.41-42; Jn 13:7)
C. From CONTROLLING to CONSUMING. (v.48-56; Mk. 14:22)

This is the first Sunday of a new year, a time when we all reflect and look forward. The calling that we have in relation to the Bread of Life is to come…and to believe. It means that some things will change. It also means it is a daily calling, and one that will challenge our expectations of what God might do in the coming year.

6. What have you had to unlearn or relearn as you have sought to follow Jesus? What was that like for you?
7. On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself for patience when there are no answers. How can you grow in this area?
8. In what ways might you be trying to control God? Take some time to reflect on that and to ask for forgiveness and strength to trust.