Gospel Freedom – Part 2 (Audio unavailable)

Gospel Freedom – Part 2 (Audio unavailable)

Gospel Freedom – Part 2 A Matter of Life and Death Galatians 2:11-21 July 16th, 2017


Audio is not available due to technical difficulties.

I. The SHOWDOWN in ANTIOCH. (v. 11-14)
A. Being JEWISH among the GENTILES. (v.11-12)
B. The DOMINO EFFECT. (v.13)
C. Paul EXPOSES the ISSUE. (v.14)

Galatians 2 gives us insight into one of the more interesting moments of the early church. A public confrontation of Peter by Paul. An accusation that Peter has forgotten the truth of the gospel, and is leading others astray as well. It must have been quite the

1. When have you been involved in a difficult confrontation? What was the result?
2. In what ways can you identify with Paul in this scenario? With Peter?
3. Why do you think Paul confronted Peter in public? We often assume that this was easy for Paul? Is that a fair assumption or might this have been difficult?

II. The TRUTH underneath the CONFRONTATION. (2:15-21)
A. What the LAW has TAUGHT us. (v.15-16)
B. The only PATH to being JUSTIFIED. (v.16)
C. So does GRACE ignore SIN? (v.17-18)
D. The law KILLS me to HEAL me. (v.19; 3:24)

Paul spells out the reason that he did what he did. It was a passion for the truth of the gospel, that we are forgiven and accepted by God because of grace, and that we receive that gift through faith – believing that what God says is true – not by conforming to a law or a set of standards. The law was deeply ingrained in Peter…from birth. It was his default setting. Grace would take some time to learn.

4. In what ways do we add “law” to our faith?/
5. In your own words was does it mean to be justified?
6. Jeff said, “The law kills me to heal me.” What does that mean to you? Have you found it to be true in your own life?

III. The new LIFE we LIVE. (v.19-21)
A. We DIE in order to LIVE. (v.19-20; Mk. 8:34-35)
B. Christ LIVES in and THROUGH us. (v.20; Col. 1:27)
C. TRANSFORMATION through TRUST. (v.20-21; II Cor. 3:18)
D. GRACE does what the LAW could not. (v.21; Titus 2:11-13)

In this showdown in Antioch we learn a lot about the life we now can live “in Christ.” It starts, paradoxically, with dying. Dying to who we were, to all the ways we have tried to make life work for us. We give all that up and start fresh…needing the grace of Christ. And He provides. He lives in us, through us, all around us. As we trust in the truth He has given we are changed, renewed, transformed.

7. “I have been crucified with Christ…” What does that mean practically in your day to day life? What part of you has died?
8. “Christ lives in me”. That sounds kind of ethereal. What difference does that make? How do you experience this on a day to day basis?
9. Think back to a time where you have seen yourself change. What were the factors that helped you to live differently? What role did law/rules play? What role did grace/love play?
10.How do you seek to help others change? Is it more law based or grace based? How is it working?