Forming A People – Part 10

Exodus 40:17-38

Forming A People – Part 10

Forming a Worshipping People

I. Drawing NEAR to the God AMONG us. (v.17-38)
A. The ALTAR – A reminder of our NEED. (v.29; 27:1-18; 38:1-7)
B. The LAVER – There is HOPE for CLEANSING. (v.30-32; 30:17-21; 38:8)

The tabernacle was God’s way of teaching the people to worship. The worship process would shape not only the people, but their understanding of Yahweh and their relationship to Him. He was with them, but very much a stranger as far as their understanding goes. The tabernacle became a tool to help them know Yahweh.

1. Kid’s Question: If you could ask why we do any specific thing that we do during church what would you ask about and why?
2. How do you respond to an invitation to confess your sin as a part of worship? Do you find it easy to do that or difficult? How does confession make you feel?

A. The LAMPSTAND – SEEING and SPEAKING what is true. (v.24; 25:31-40; 35:17-14)
B. The INCENSE altar – PRAYERS of the PEOPLE. (v.26,27; 30:1-10; 37:25-29)
C. The SHEW BREAD – We are given to GOD and OTHERS. (v.22,23; 25:34-30;37:10-16)

What had been called a “Tent of Meeting” became the Tabernacle, made up of two separate rooms, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place. It symbolized that God’s holiness separated Him from the people. But also that He longed for them to come to Him.

3. “Sometimes speaking the truth we know out loud solidifies it in our hearts.” Agree or disagree? Have you found it to be true in your own life?
4. How does our GBC “Prayers of the People” impact you? And what do you see as the benefit of this and the greetings that follow it each week?

III. INTO the very PRESENCE of God. (Lev. 16:2; Heb 9:8-9)
A. The ARK of the COVENANT. (v.20-21; 25:10-16; 37:1-5)
B. COVERED by the MERCY seat. (v.20-21; 25:17-22; 37:6-9)

The Most Holy Place (a.k.a. the Holy of Holies) was only entered one day a year, the Day of Atonement. And even then by only one person, the High Priest. It was the location of the very presence of God.

5. In the tabernacle the Jews had a very visible reminder of the presence of God with them. How is our assurance of God’s presence with us today different?
6. When have you felt sure of God’s presence with you? What was that like? What brought it about?

IV. Shaped to be a TEMPLE in the WORLD. (I Pet. 2:4-5)
A. The TEMPLE is still MOBILE. (Ex. 33:14; Matt. 28:20)
B. The STRUCTURE of a deeper REALITY. (Heb 9:1-14; Col. 2:17)
C. Corporate WORSHIP as a NECESSARY rhythm. (Heb 10:19-25)

The truth that we embody in our worship is a deeper reality. The story that is true for the world, and our coming together in worship is how we remember what that truth is. It recalibrate our lives to live in line with the truth of God, and gives us a foundational anchor that keeps us focused on the things that bring life.

7. How is God calling you to live as a temple this week? Think of specific situations and actions.
8. If you had to describe the importance of weekly corporate worship, what would you say now? What would you have said prior to this message?