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Acts: Jesus at Work Through the Church – Part 6 | Acts 10:1-48

Yet Another Example of God at Work I. A THREE-PART story. (v.1-48; Acts 1:1-2)A. God at work BEFORE the VISION. (v.1-8)B. God IS at work DURING. (v.9-22)C. God CONTINUES working AFTER. (v.23-48) Luke reminds us at at the very beginning that the...

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Philippians: A Powerful Poem for the Persecuted – Part 3 | Philippians 2:19-3:14

Examples of our Example I. GOOD and BAD examples. (2:19-3:2)A. Timothy – CARE for OTHERS. (2:19-24)B. Epaphroditus – SACRIFICE of SELF. (2:25-30)C. Judiazers – Trusting FORM over SUBSTANCE. (3:2) Paul spent the last section of...

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