Speaker: Jeff Kuhn

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A Cruciform Life – Part 5 | 2 Corinthians 6:3-13

The Role and Relationships of an Ambassador I. What BEING and AMBASSADOR looks like. (v.3-10)A. A LIFE of removing OBSTACLES. (v.3)    1. Servants WILLING to face DIFFICULTY. (v.4-5)    2. REFLECTING Christ...

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Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 10 (Easter) | Mark 15:42-16:8

Resurrection Life I. Resurrection ALWAYS start with DEATH. (15:42-16:1)A. SOMETHING we’d like to FORGET. (Jer. 29-45)B. A SOLEMN process of HONOURING. (15:42-16:1)C. A POWERFUL, yet neglected, METAPHOR. (v.46; I Cor.

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