Why Are We Here? – Part 2

Genesis 12:1-9

Why Are We Here? – Part 2

Blessed to Bless the Nations

I. The 3 STAGE story of ABRAHAM. (v.1-9)
A. A CALL to FOLLOW. (v.1)
B. A PROMISE from GOD. (v.2-3)
C. The REAL life that FOLLOWS. (v.4-9)

Last week we looked at Creation in our attempt to uncover the answer to the question, “Why are we here?”  This week we move ahead to look at the call of Abraham. Believe it or not, this is the answer to the question.

1. Kid’s question: When have you had to do something that scared you? Something that you felt might not work out?
2. What would have gone on in your own heart if you had received the calling that Abraham did?

II. Stage 1 – ACCEPTING the CALL. (v.1,4)
A. The call is OPEN-ENDED and UNSETTLING. (v.1; Jn 21:22)
B. The call is way BIGGER than “ME”. (v.3; Is. 49:6)

The first thing we see is Abram being called to leave his home and family and go to a place that God would show him.  How would you have responded to this call? Sometimes the first step in following God is being willing to let go of control and follow into the unknown.

3. Where does God’s calling seem open-ended and unsettling to you? How are you dealing with that?
4. How can you keep from making your faith and God’s call all about you? What are some practical things that you can do to keep a clear outward focus?

III. Stage 2 – HOLDING to the PROMISE. (v.2-3)
A. Be CLEAR on who does the ACTION. (v.2-3; Eph. 1:3-14)
B. Both the BLESSING and the DEFENDING. (v.3; Rom. 12:19)
C. We BECOME the CHANNEL. (v.3; Gal. 3:8)

The thing that keeps us steady as we launch out into the unknown place that God is calling us is the promise that he gives us. It’s only in holding to the promise, even when we don’t see it, that we find the courage to keep moving forward.

5. Who do you rely on for “the action” in your own spiritual journey? How can you tell?
6. What does it look like to leave your “defense” in God’s hands? How is that for you, easy or challenging?

IV. Stage 3 – INCARNATING the BLESSING. (v.4-9)
A. Move FORWARD, trusting the PROMISE. (v.4; Heb. 11:7-10)
B. The BACK and FORTH of following. (v.7-8;  Ps 34:4-6)
C. You’ll KNOW it when you SEE it. (Luke 2:29-32; Mt. 7:16)

The heart of the calling is to be a blessing to the world in a real and tangible way. Just as Jesus was God come in the flesh, we are called to incarnate the blessing to everyone that we encounter in the world. What a beautiful calling.

7. Where is God calling you to move forward, trusting that He can take care of you? How are you going to respond?
8. When have you experienced the “back and forth” of following? And how can you know if your life is being blessing?