The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Part 2

Revelation 4:1-5:14

The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Part 2

The Unseen Reality Behind Everything

I. SEEING through the open DOOR. (2 Cor. 4:18; Rev. 4-5)
1. A THRONE with “SOMEONE” on it. (4:2-3)
2. And EVEN more THRONES. (4:4)
3. The SPIRIT and the SEA. (4:5-6)
4. FOUR living CREATURES. (4:6-8)
5. A SCROLL that is SEALED. (5:1-4)
6. A LION, a ROOT, and a SLAIN LAMB. (5:5-8)

Chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation move from letters to specific churches to the larger vision that John has for all the churches. The vision starts at the centre of all reality, the throne room of God. It’s the right place to start when trying to make sense of what we see all in the world all around us.

1. Kid’s question: When have you had a very vivid dream that seemed real? What was it all about?
2. Which of the elements from John’s vision in chapters 4 and 5 intrigues you the most and why?
3. How have you personally experienced Jesus as a Lion? As a root? As a slain lamb?

II. The IMPACT of seeing REALITY clearly. (4:9-5:14)
A. WEEPING for a BROKEN world. (5:2-4)
B. SEEING the WORTHY ONE. (5:5-7)
C. A RIPPLE of WORSHIP. (4:9-11;5:8-14)

There is a surprise that comes from seeing reality at a deeper level. We think that this would be great, to glimpse a view of what is true deep beneath the level of our own understanding and experience. And it is great, but it’s also painful as well. To see the good clearly you also see the depth of the bad in a way that can be difficult.

4. When did you have a moment like John’s weeping in 5:2-4. Was your moment related to John’s moment in any way? If so how?
5. When has Jesus looked differently than you expected Him to look, or acted differently than you thought He might in your own life?

III. LIVING out the REVELATION today. (James 1:22)
A. See the WHOLE truth HONESTLY. (Jer.4:19-20,23-26)
B. PROCLAIM the deeper REALITY. (Lk8:1;Acts28:31)
C. KEEP the DEEDS of the slain Lamb. (Rev.2:26;Jn18:36)
D. JOIN in the RIPPLE of worship. (Rom.12:1;Rev.5:13)

James tells us not to just hear the word…but to do what it says. Our lives are to become little “revelations” of Jesus to the world we live in. We do that through our words and our actions. In this time of COVID and all the fear and anxiety that it inspires, we are called to be a clear revelation of the reality of the Gospel for the world around us to see.

6. What does it look like in your life to be “honest” about the whole truth?
7. What are some tangible ways that you can proclaim the reality of the Kingdom of God in your words and actions this week?
8. What does “keeping the deeds of the slain lamb” look like in your life? Think specifically how that might play out?

Three rules for the Revelation Series:

1. For a moment, let go of your previous idea of what Revelation means.
2. Read the text…a lot…out loud.
3. Tell someone else what you are seeing, hearing, thinking, or learning.