Samuel & Sampson: The People God Uses – Part 1

Judges 13:1-25

Samuel & Sampson: The People God Uses – Part 1

Extraordinary Events, Ordinary People

I. HERE we go AGAIN. (v.1-25)
A. The CYCLE of the JUDGES. (Jdg. 1-21; Jdg. 17:6)
B. EXTRAORDINARY interactions with ORDINARY people. (v.1-25)

We are entering the season of Foundations where we return to our third year of the story of the Old Testament. Last December we ended with the people perched on the edge of the promised land. Joshua leads them into it and then the people settle…and promptly enter a downward spiral. The birth of Samson comes as they approach rock bottom.

  1. Kid’s question – Have you ever made the same mistake over and over again?
  2. What is your first response as you read this chapter about Manoah and his wife and their experience?

II. What this story REVEALS about GOD. (v.1-25)
B. His PREFERENCE for the NOBODIES. (v.2-5, 9-10)
C. He gives KNOWLEDGE via RELATIONSHIP. (v.11-14)
D. God PLAYS the long GAME. (v.25)

Scripture is the revelation of God. It teaches us who He is as we trace His interactions with people throughout the text. This story of Samson’s birth has many layers, and each layer has much to communicate to us about who and how God is.

  1. What surprises you about God’s action in this passage?
  2. Which aspect of how God works in this passage means the most to you personallyand why?
  3. Have you ever felt like God was withholding information that you needed? What wasthat like for you?

III. WHO am I in this STORY? (Acts 1:6-8)
A. Grasping for KNOWLEDGE to CONTROL? (v.8,12,17; Acts 1:6-7)
B. RECEIVING and SHARING in relationship? (v.3-7, 9-10; Acts 1:7-8)

Just as we said last week, when we see God it helps us to see ourselves. So in light of who we see God to be in this story of Samson’s parents, who are we in this story? What is the calling for us in light of the response of Manoah and his unnamed wife? How will we respond to the revelation go God?

  1. How important is understanding to you as you follow Jesus? Do you find it challenging to trust when you don’t understand?
  2. How do you know people “in relationship”? How does that kind of knowing or learning happen? How does that relate to your own spiritual journey?
  3. What does witnessing look like in your life? Do Samson’s mom’s actions encourage you in regards to what you are called to do? Why or why not?