The Gospel of Matthew – Part 8

The Gospel of Matthew – Part 8

Matthew: The Story of the King ~ Part 8 Peeling back the layers… Matthew 19:16-30 February 24, 2019

I. What PROMPTS the QUESTION? (v.16-22)
A. He was GOOD MAN. (v.18-20)
C. Yet SOMETHING is MISSING. (v.16-17)

Why this question? Why from this man? Why now? The questions we ask can give us great insight into who we really are and what is going on underneath the surface of our lives. The problem is we are often so focused on getting answers to our questions that we don’t allow the space and time to listen to what they are saying about us.

1. Kid’s Question: What are some good things and bad things about having a lot of money?
2. What is the most common motivation people have for being “good” or succeeding in our world today?
3. Have you ever felt a deep sense of longing for something that you couldn’t explain? What was that like for you?

II. Jesus INITIATES an inward JOURNEY. (v.17-30)
A. Law: From OUTER ACTIONS. (v.17-20)
B. Heart: To INNER LOVES. (v.21-22)
C. The Truth MAY set you FREE. (v.22-26)
D. One JOURNEY often TRIGGERS others. (v.25-30)

Jesus takes this man and his question where he is, and then Jesus pushes him a little deeper. He needs that help to move past what he thinks is the issue to what is really the deeper issue. Once he gets to the root, he comes to a point of decision.

4. What do you think about the idea of an “inward journey”, as Jeff calls it? Would you describe your Christianity as more about what you do or who you are? What is the difference?
5. When has someone else’s spiritual struggle triggered a spiritual struggle of your own? What happened?

III. Our OWN inward JOURNEY. (Heb 4:12-13)
A. It’s DEEPER than DOING. (Mt. 23:27-28)
B. It COSTS more than MONEY. (Phil. 4:11-13)
C. It’s ABOUT ever-increasing SURRENDER. (Ps. 139:23-24)
D. Nothing to LOSE, everything to GAIN. (v.27-30; Mt. 16:24-26)

That’s the nature of the spiritual journey. God peels back layers of who we think we are to expose who we really are. The question for us is “Are we willing to follow?” Going on the inward journey can be painful and humbling. It’s something we would like to avoid, but it’s the only way to “enter into life.”

6. If tomorrow you were somehow limited from doing things for God for the rest of your life, what impact would that have on your relationship with God?
7. Wealth was the challenging issue for this man, what is it for you? Control? Being loved by others? Security? How can you know?
8. What has felt like a loss at the time that you have seen God use in a powerful way in your life?