The Gospel of Matthew – Part 6

The Gospel of Matthew – Part 6

Matthew: The Story of the King ~ Part 6 The Kingdom of Heaven Matthew 13: 24-52 February 10, 2019

I. The KINGDOM of HEAVEN is like… (Matthew 13)
A. These PARABLES are the “SEED”. (v.19)
B. Kingdom UNDERSTANDING is GIVEN. (v.11-12, 51-52; Lk 12:32)

Matthew 13 is full of parables. The first one is very common, the sower sows the seed. The characteristics of the different soils the seed lands on leads to a variety of results. What we don’t often realize is that the first parable is an intro to the other seven. The seven following parables ARE the seed mentioned in the first parable.

1. Kids question: Which of these parables of Jesus is your favourite? What do you think it means?
2. How would you explain the Kingdom of God/Heaven to someone who had no previous church experience?

II. SEVEN sides of one WHOLE. (v.24-50)
A. It’s WITH and AMONG, not SEPARATE. (v.24-30; 10:16)
B. It STARTS with SMALL. (v.31-32)
D. WORTH giving EVERYTHING for. (v.44)
E. Gives EVERYTHING for YOU.(v.45-46)
F. A matter of LIFE and DEATH. (v.47-50)

Something like the Kingdom of God is so vast and profound it’s impossible to fully describe it. Jesus gives a series of parables, word pictures, that demonstrates aspects of the Kingdom of God. No one visual metaphor can give a full understanding. It’s like admiring a sculpture from all different angles in order to gain a fuller appreciation of it’s beauty.

3. Which of these 7 parables stands out most to you? Why?
4. Did the sermon give you a change of opinion about any of these parables? In what way?
5. Which aspect of the “Kingdom of Heaven” as expressed in these parables speaks to your need at the present time? Why and in what way?

III. SEEING and LIVING in the Kingdom. (Matt. 6:33)
A. REALIZE it is here NOW. (v.24-30; Mt. 12:28; Phil. 2:9-11)
B. It grows COUNTER-CULTURALLY. (v.31-33; Mark 8:31-33)
C. The most VALUABLE values YOU. (v.44-46; Rom. 5:8)
D. There is NOTHING more IMPORTANT. (v.47-50; 2 Cor. 5:14-20; Col. 1:19-20)

These parables aren’t just meant to be intriguing stories that provide us with a theological trivia database with which we can impress our Christian friends. These are stories about the way that God is totally turning history and reality on it’s head, and then inviting us to be a part of all that He is doing to bring everything back into the newness it was intended to have. It’s the greatest opportunity of all time…and He calls us.

6. If the Kingdom is here now, and you believe that to be true, how would that change the way you look your current situation?
7. How have you seen the Kingdom be counter-cultural, and what has it challenged in your own life?
8. “The most valuable…values you.” What is your reaction to that statement? Do you believe it to be true? How would really believing that change how you live?