The Gospel of Matthew – Part 3

The Gospel of Matthew – Part 3

Matthew: The Story of the King ~ Part 3 Withstanding the Trials Matthew 4: 1-11 January 20, 2019

I. The Purpose of Trials
A. Satan’s purpose is to derail our mission (Matt. 4:3,6,9; Gen. 3; Job 1:9-11)
     1. διάβολος- The Slanderer
     2. πειράζων- Tempting One
     3. Σατανᾶ- “Satan” or Adversary/Accuser
B. God’s purpose is to clarify our mission (Matt. 4:3-4,7,10; James 1:2-3,12)

II. The Nature of Trials
A. They Provoke Doubt (Matt. 4:2)
B. They Refine our Definition of Good (Matt. 4:3; I Pet. 4:12-13; 2 Cor. 12:9)
C. They Clarify our Relationship to God (Matt. 4:6)
D. They Reveal what our Hope is in (Matt. 4:9)

III. Living through the Trials
A. Live by the Word (Matt. 4:4; Psalm 119; Gen. 1; John 1)
B. Don’t Test… Trust (Matt. 4:7; Prov. 3:5-6)
C. Seek First His Kingdom (Matt. 4:10, 6:33, 16:26; Rom. 8:18)
D. Dismiss the Voice (Rom. 8:1; James 4:7; John 16:33)

Questions for Further Reflection:
1. Kid’s Question: Have you ever had to go through something difficult? A sickness? Losing a friend? How did that time make you feel? What did you pray for?
2. How have trials in your life drawn you closer or pushed you further from God?
3. What are your biggest struggles with doubt? Self-doubt? Doubting God? Trusting others?
4. Where does your definition of good and evil come from?
5. Does your relationship with God look more like a child loving a father or a customer using a vending machine?
6. As you reflect on your emotions throughout this past week, in what or whom are you tempted to place your hope besides God?
7. What do your interactions with scripture look like on a daily or weekly basis? How do you “Hide God’s word in your heart”?
8. What lies does the Slanderer say about you? How can you actively dismiss them today? What promises in scripture can you hold fast to?