The 4th Sunday of Lent

Isaiah: Preparing the Way ~ Part 4 The Unusual King Isaiah 42:1-4, Matthew 12 March 31, 2019

A. One Greater than the TEMPLE – Mt. 12:1-14
B. One Greater than JONAH – Mt. 12:38-41
C. One Greater than SOLOMON – Mt. 12:42

II. A KING like no OTHER – Mt. 12:17-21; Is. 42:1-4
A. What He WILL Do – Mt. 12:18,20b-21; Is. 42:1,3b-4
B. What He WILL NOT Do – Mt. 12:19-20a; Is. 42:2-3a

III. An INVITATION into the WAY of JUSTICE –Is. 42, 56, 66
A. Recognize the PROPHET, PRIEST, & KING – Is. 42:1; Ps. 2
B. Join JUSTICE’S HUMBLE Procession – Micah 6:8; 2 Cor 5:14-21

Questions for Further Reflection

1. What do you make of the clashes between Jesus and the religious leaders of the day? What kind of conversation do you imagine Jesus might have had with you?
2. What does it mean for Jesus to have final authority in your life? What other voices do you listen to and look to for direction?
3. This passage is all about justice and goodness. What is the greatest injustice in our world today? What is the greatest injustice you’ve experienced?
4. Kid Question: What do you think a King’s job is? What are they supposed to? How are they supposed to do it? What do they usually do? How do they usually do it?
5. In what ways does Jesus’ kingship challenge your status quo?

Christ was anointed, so that he might be our king, prophet, and priest for ever. He will govern us, lest we lack any good thing or be oppressed by any ill; he will teach us the whole truth; and he will reconcile us to the Father eternally.
~ Martin Bucer