The 3rd Sunday of Lent

Isaiah: Preparing the Way ~ Part 3 The Fasting God has Chosen Isaiah 58 & Matthew 6 March 24, 2019

I. The TRAP of RELIGION Is. 58:1-5; Mt. 6:1-21
A. It becomes an ACT Mt. 6:2,5,16
B. It becomes a TRANSACTION Is. 58:3, Mt. 6:2,5,16
C. It is EMPTY Is. 58:3-5

II. The GIFT of WORSHIP Mt. 6:19-21
A. It BEGINS with GOD Mt. 6:4,6,18; Is. 58:6
B. It is a RENOVATION of the HEART Is. 58:6-7; Rom. 12:1-2, Mt. 6:3,6,17
C. It ENDS with GRACE Is. 58:6-9; Mt. 6:21

B. JESUS is the True FASTER Is. 58:6-9
C. DRAWING ourselves into God’s HEART Is. 58:9; Mt. 6:9-10

Questions for Further Reflection
1. What has been your experience with organized religion?
2. Think of a recent experience when you were tempted to “act” like a Christian. What motivated that feeling?
3. Kid’s Question: Have you ever pretended to be different so people would like you?
4. What relationships in your life are transactional? If God were asked how you treat your relationship with Him, what would He say?
5. What things do you do “in secret” to build your life of worship?
6. What is your reaction to the idea of “afflicting your soul”?
7. Has your relationship with God and experience with the church made you emptier or more grace filled?
8. What might God be inviting you to in this season of Lent?
9. What are some ways that you can become more attuned to God’s heart?