“Who do you say that I am?” Mark – Part 3

“Who do you say that I am?” Mark – Part 3

Who Do You Say I Am? Part 3 Mark 1:21 – 2:12 January 8, 2017


Who Do You Say I Am? – Part 3
The One With Authority
Mark 1:21 – 2:12

I. STORIES about Jesus’ AUTHORITY. (Mark 1:21-2:12)
A. A DIFFERENT kind of TEACHING. (1:21-22)
B. AUTHORITY over the DEMONS. (v.24-28, 34)
C. A HEALER of the SICK. (1:29-34, 40-42, 2:10-12)
D. Not SWAYED by human OPINION. (1:35-38)

Today we move through 5 quick stories, in typical “Mark” fashion, of what Jesus was doing in Capernaum. They seem like rapid fire narratives, but Mark ties this section together with a theme. Jesus, the Son of God, is declaring His authority through His actions. It’s information Mark wants us to know as we formulate our own answer to the question of who Jesus is.

1. Put yourself in the sandals of the listeners in the synagogue that date in Campernaum (v.21). When (try to think of a specific occasion) has Jesus struck you as amazing and authoritative by His teachings. What impact did that have on you.
2. Imagine tagging along with Jesus during this period. Which of the things that He did would have seemed to be the most remarkable? How do you think you would have responded to them?
3. If Jesus can heal (and we believe He can), why do you think that He often doesn’t? Both now, and when He walked the earth?

II. Some THINGS to NOTE about authority. (1:35-2:8)
A. Source – Jesus SURRENDERED to ANOTHER. (1:35; Jn. 4:34)
B. AUTHORITY always creates RESISTANCE. (Gal. 5:17)
&nbsp 1. From a LACK of UNDERSTANDING. (1:44)
&nbsp 2. From the POWERFUL who are CHALLENGED. (2:6-8)

Authority is dearly loved by those who have it, and deeply distrusted and scorned by those who don’t. We have to look at the way the authority Jesus demonstrates in these texts impacts those around Him. Not everyone welcomes it, and some that do, still aren’t willing to surrender fully.

4. Read 1:35-39. How would you have responded to Jesus if you were Peter? Why?
5. In 1:44 the leper doesn’t obey Jesus. Why would Jesus ask him to keep quiet? When do you think God has asked you to do something that doesn’t make sense? How did you respond?
6. In what ways has Jesus (or the Bible) challenged the things you believe about God?

III. How WILL you RESPOND? (Mark 8:29)
A. AMAZED and INTRIGUED, but UNCHANGED? (1:27; Matt. 11:23-24)
B. RESISTANT due to PRIDE? (2:6-7; 8:31-32)
C. SURRENDERING to His WILL. (2:12; James 4:6-8)

And as always, the question turns from what is going on in the text to what is going on inside of you and me. How we will respond to the authority that Jesus is demonstrating. We can appear to like it, and yet subtly undermine it. Or we can resent it straight out. The key is to learn to daily surrender to it, just as He surrendered to the Father. It’s a lesson that can take a lifetime to learn…

7. How does reading Matt. 11:23-24 impact the way you interpret the people’s amazement in 1:27? When have you been drawn to Jesus, and yet resistant to surrender?
8. What does pride look like in day to day life? We can all see it in people like Donald Trump, but how does it appear subtly in our lives?
9. What does surrender to God’s will look like for you at this point in your life? Is there something specific that God is asking you to do…or not do? How will you respond?