Revelation: Things Are Not As They Seem – Part 3

A Throne in Heaven Revelation 4 April 17, 2016

A Vision of Heaven
(Rev. 4:1)
A Vision of Someplace Near
A Vision for Us
A Vision of a Throne

1. How do you typically think of heaven? Is it a place far off or is it very near? How do you
think this might affect your thoughts about God and life?
2. Thrones arent common in our culture or context. What thoughts come to your head when
you hear there is a throne in heaven? Is this good news or bad news? How do you think
the readers of that day would have responded to this news?

Reflections on the Throne

There is Someone Seated on the Throne
Someone is in Control
It aint Domitian

Judgement will come from the Throne
This is not a puppet ruler
Cause for fear and alarm, except

Mercy and Faithfulness encircle the Throne
The rainbow recalls Gods covenant with Noah
God remembers His promises

The Temple Before the Throne
God is fully here, fully in control
Chaos is subdued, even serves Gods purposes

Worship Surrounds the Throne
(4:4, 6-11)
All Creation sings Holy
Elders who function as priests

3. As you think about the current political landscape of the world, both at home and abroad,
how does the truth that someone is seated on the throne impact your life?
4. How do you react to lightning and thunder emitted from the throne? Are you simply thankful
for justice? Do you fear judgment?
5. How do we balance these two ideas of justice and mercy, righteousness and faithfulness? If
God is just, how does He show mercy? If God is righteous, how can He be faithful to a
people who are not?
6. What role does worship play in your life? How does Revelation 4 depict worship?
7. What role does creation play in worship? In what ways is this true in your own experience of

The Revelation for Today
The vision assures us there will be justice and mercy
(Rev 4:3, Psalm 73)
The vision centers us in worship
(Rev. 4:6-11, Psalm 19, Psalm 98, Jer. 3:23)
The vision reminds us there is more

8. In what ways in your day to day life are you aware that there is more? How can worship and
a right vision of who God is center your life?
9. As Christians, we often focus on the work of Christ in salvation (and rightly so), but
sometimes neglect Gods great worth apart from salvation. How can worship be an act that
focuses us on the great worth of our God?