Revelation: Things Are Not As They Seem – Part 4

The Scroll and The Lamb Revelation 5 April 24, 2016


I. Where are we?
A. The Throne Room of Heaven (Rev. 4:2)
B. God, not Caesar, is on the Throne (Rev. 4:3)
C. All Power is with Him (Rev. 4:8)

1. As you look around at the world, who appears to be on the throne? Why is it sometimes
hard to believe that God is on the throne?
2. John tells us that all raw power is with God. How might this claim confuse us?

II. The King has a Scroll (Rev. 5:1)
A. A Royal Decree
B. But it is a Mystery (Rev. 5:1-3, 10:7)
C. Its Closed, and so we Weep (Rev. 5:4)

3. Do you believe that History has an intended purpose? How do we as humans play a part in
4. As you look at the state of the world, and the seeming purposelessness (its a real word, I
looked it up), what is your reaction?

III. One Who is Worthy is Found (Rev. 5:5)
A. The Lion and Root has Conquered (Rev. 5:5)
B. The Victorious Lion is a Slaughtered Lamb (Rev. 5:6-7)
C. Worthy because He was Slain (Rev. 5:9)

5. What adjectives would you typically attach to a winner? How does the lion/lamb comparison
confront those assumptions?
6. If the lamb is worthy because he is slain, how might this change your thinking about

IV. The Benefit of His Blood
A. Purchased as His Possession (Rev. 5:9)
B. Subjects and Priests (Rev. 5:10)
C. Who Rule with Him?!? (Rev. 5:10)

7. What does it mean that Jesus has purchased us?
8. Have you ever thought of your role as a believer as a co-reigner with God? How would this
idea change the way you encounter the world?

V. The Revelation for Today
A. Trust in the One who Holds the Scroll
B. Trust in the Way of the One who Opens the Scroll (Philippians 2:5-11)
C. Worship the One who Loves us

9. What would it look like to live life like a lamb who was slain? Is this a practical way to
approach life?
10. Is your worship more motivated by raw-power or love? What about God leads you worship
Him freely?