Revelation: Things Are Not As They Seem – Part 1

What’s This Book About? Revelation 1:1-8; 22:7-21 April 3rd, 2016


I. Its a book about JESUS.
A. Lets GET the NAME right. (1:1)
B. He is the CENTER of all that EXISTS. (1:8; 22:13)
C. He IS coming SOON. (22:7,12,20)
D. He will cause MOURNING for EVERYONE. (1:7)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, how can we miss that? Yet we do. We tend to
see the book as a way to fill in our spiritual day timers. Dont get me wrong,
there is a lot there that has plenty to do with the future, but the heart of it is all
about Jesus. My hope for this series is that in wading through this vision of
dragons, beasts, elders, and horsemen we will be better able to see Jesus for
who He really is.

1. What are some of the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind when you
think of the book of Revelation? Have you read the whole book of Revelation
at some point in your life?
2. What does it mean that Jesus is the destiny of all that is?
3. What do you think 1:7 means for your particularly? In what way will you

II. Its a book about NOW.
A. The TIME is NEAR(1:3; 22:10)
B. It was a book about NOWTHEN. (1:1-4; 22:10,16)
The time is near. It states that at the beginning of the book and at the end. We
have little trouble accepting that for us and this present age, but the truth is that
this was said almost 2000 years ago.
4. Does the wording of these verses in regards to the time is near challenge
your ideas about the book of Revelation? In what ways?
5. In what way do you think this was a book about now then?

III. Its a book about US.
A. Blessed if we READ and APPLY. (1:3; 22:7)
B. Cursed if we ADD or SUBTRACT. (22:18-19)
C. GIVES us our WHY. (1:6)
Romans 15:4 tells us that, everything that was written in the past was written
to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures
we might have hope. Even the book of Revelation. One big roadblock to our
understanding of the book is that we are constantly trying to use it figure out what
is going on around us instead of letting it reveal what is going on inside of us.
6. How do you think applying Revelation would actually look? (other than
slaying all the dragons that you meet this week)
7. What are some ways that we may add to or subtract from the words of this
book that you may have not thought of before?
8. What practical ways can we function as a Kingdom and Priests to serve our
God this week?

B. The Word speaks to us HERE and NOW.
1. Its important that we LISTEN CAREFULLY.
2. Its important that we RESPOND ACTIVELY.
C. Things are NOT as they SEEM
Each week I want to end with Whats the Revelation for Today? If its true that
we are blessed when we read and apply these words (and I believe that we are),
then its important to think specifically about how we can apply them.
9. Think through all the different aspects of your life (take some time here). In
what ways is (or isnt) Jesus the center of those areas? What steps can you
take to recenter your life around Him?
10.What practical steps will you take throughout this series to listen carefully
and respond actively?