Palm Sunday – The 6th Sunday of Lent

Isaiah: Preparing the Way ~ Part 6 (Palm Sunday) The Two Sides of Welcoming a King Mt. 21:1-17; Is. 56:7 April 14, 2019

I. What THEY have all been WAITING for. (v. 1-11)
A. YEARS of LONGING. (v.4-5; Zech. 9:9)
B. Finally, the ARRIVAL of the KING. (v.4-11)
C. Hosanna: SAVE us NOW. (v.9-11)

Every year we come back to the same story, different Gospel, but the same story. People waving branches, shouting Hosanna, Jesus riding in to Jerusalem and creating quite a stir. Does this story have more to say to us today? If we are willing to listen we might be surprised what we encounter.

1. Kid’s Question: When have you really needed help with something and were afraid you couldn’t do it? What happened?
2. In what areas of your life do you feel a longing for God to come and do something?

II. The REALITY of REGIME change. (v.12-17)
A. The CHALLENGE starts at HOME. (v.12)
B. More of a REBUILD than a RENOVATION. (v.12)
C. A RETURN to the original INTENTION. (v.13; Is. 56:7)
D. REORDERED power STRUCTURES. (v.14-15; Luke 1:51-53)

When things are tough we all want a Saviour. We want someone to come and make it all better. Jesus becomes our defender riding in on a white horse to save the day. But what we see in the scripture is that when Jesus comes He often does things that those who had been waiting did not expect. When you ask for a King, a King is what you get.

3. What has been easy AND what has been challenging about being a follower of Jesus?
4. If you had to boil God’s “intention” for us down to a sentence or two what would you say?
5. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in regards to your desire for having power and being in control in your life. How has that been challenged by following Jesus?

III. When there’s a new KING in TOWN. (v.9)
A. He works INWARD out not OUTWARD in. (v.12; Ps. 51:10-13; Mt. 7:1-5)
B. We are SUBJECTS not CONSULTANTS. (Is. 40:13; Job 42:1-6)
C. SALVATION and SURRENDER go together. (v.9; Mt. 16:24)
D. Blessed are the POOR in SPIRIT. (v.14-16; Mt. 5:3)

It’s not just Jerusalem that received a new King. He rides into our lives as well. Often at first we welcome Him…until He starts doing things we didn’t expect. As the King comes to you this week how will you respond to His direction?

6. When in your life have you felt like a needy person coming to Jesus? When have you felt like He was stripping away things you didn’t want to let go of?
7. “God works inward out, not outward in.” Have you found that to be true in your own life? In what ways?
8. Who do you identify most with in this text and why? What might God be saying to you through that?