New Identity…New Hope – 1 Peter, Part 2

1 Peter 1:13-2:10

New Identity…New Hope – 1 Peter, Part 2

Our New Family Identity

I. Using LANGUAGE to communicate family IDENTITY. (1:13-2:10)
A. Get ready and “GIRD up your LOINS.” (1:13; Ex. 12:11)
B. Be the HOLY PEOPLE of God. (1:15-16; Lev. 11:44)
C. Through your PASSOVER LAMB. (1:17-21; Ex. 12-15)
D. It’s a new COVENANT of the HEART. (1:22-25; Jer. 31:33-34)
E. YOU are the new TEMPLE. (2:1-8; Is. 28:16; Ps. 118:22)
F. You are the new KINGDOM of PRIESTS. (2:9-10; Ex. 19:4-6)

Peter understands what it means to be a Jew, especially in light of what Jesus has done. It’s the foundation that he comes back to as he matures as a Christ follower. He takes his readers through a whirlwind of OT phrases to remind them of the heritage that comes along with the new family identity.

1. Kid’s question: What do you know about your grandparents? Ask your parents for some stories that they remember.
2. How does Peter’s use of the Old Testament help us to understand the role it plays in our own lives today?

II. Why our FAMILY HISTORY matters.
A. It SETS our DIRECTION. (1:13)
B. It CLARIFIES our METHODS. (1:14-2:3)
C. It DEFINES our GOALS. (2:4-10)
D. Common themes are GRACE and MERCY. (1:13,18-19; 2:9-10)

This family heritage isn’t just past history, its something that helps gives shape to the future. It expresses the DNA of this family of God. The goal becomes to let what is true about us from the past renew us for the future.

3. What stands out to you from the text about the direction or the methods we should have a Christ followers?
4. If God was to say His specific goal for you, what do you think He would say? How can you surrender more to that goal this week?
5. How common are the themes of grace and mercy in your own life? IN your relationships with others?

III. Living OUT your RECEIVED heritage. (1:13,23; Jn 1:12-13)
A. LOVE one another DEEPLY. (1:22-25; Jn 13:35)
B. ACTIVELY pursue TRANSFORMATION. (1:13-14; 2:1-3; 1 Tim. 4:7)
C. COME to Him…SURRENDER…REPEAT. (2:4-5; Lam. 3:22-23)
D. PROCLAIM what God has DONE. (2:9; Acts 4:20)

We’ve been brought into this same family of God. Thanks to the grace and mercy of God we are all the things that Peter is writing about to his original readers. So how do we work with the Spirit of God to live that out? I’m glad you asked.

6. Where or who is God calling you to love deeply? How will you embrace that call this week?
7. What does “training yourself to be godly” look like for you? If your not sure, who will you ask for help in clarifying this?
8. Think of something that God has done for you recently. Who can you share that with this week?