The Monarchy Part 9 – Two Potential Leaders with “Issues”

The Monarchy Part 9 – Two Potential Leaders with “Issues”

The Monarchy – Part 9 Two Potential Leaders with “Issues” I Kings 12:1-33 November 6, 2016



I. Rehoboam’s FIRST MISTAKE. (v.1-24)

A. A PEAK into the CORONATION process. (v.1)
B. A CHANCE to UNIFY the nation. (v.2-11)
C. Maintaining POWER can be PRICEY. (v.4; I Sam 8:10-18)
D. Showing “STRENGTH” to hide WEAKNESS. (v.12-24)

In our fast track through the history of the Monarchy, we come today to a pivotal
moment in Israel’s life. Rehoboam, son of Solomon is appointed as king…almost. The
country is sensing an internal division already and before the northern tribes sign on
they want some assurances. Rehoboam is not willing to comply.

1. What stands out to you about Rehoboam and the process he went through in this
decision? Have you ever had people telling you two different paths and struggled to
figure out what was best?
2. In what ways might we try to “show strength to hide weakness”? How can we
become aware of that in our own lives?

II. Jeroboam’s MODIFIED RELIGION. (v.25-33)

A. More SUBTLE than it APPEARS. (v.28-29)
C. HIJACKING the CALENDAR. (v.32-33)

And so the Kingdom is divided, and Jeroboam takes the crown in the northern tribes,
a.k.a. Israel, while Rehoboam rules the south, a.k.a. Judah. Judah has the temple, and
Jeroboam sees that as an issue, but not one to be worried about. He sets up another
option within his own borders that should keep the people happy, and his kingdom
secure. Not his best idea…

3. Can we be over protective of the truth? How do we balance holding on to the truth
and being open to our own misunderstandings and wrong ideas?
4. How do we determine who we will trust when it comes to leading in the church?
How do we caution against just “letting the leaders decide?”
5. What are your thoughts on the role of our “calendar” in helping us to maintain the
truth and integrity of our faith?

III. The subtle DANGER of POWER. (v.1-33)

A. PEOPLE become OBJECTS to be used. (v.10-14; Mt. 23:1-4)
B. MANIPULATE truth instead of SURRENDER to it. (v.26-33; Mt. 23:23-24)

What we see in both these kings is the temptation to keep power once you have it. It’s
a common problem all over the world today. Good motives that seek to change the
world for the better are often compromised along the way to keep the power that
enables change to happen. It’s a catch 22.

6. When have you felt more used as an object than treated as a person? What was
that like?
7. Give some examples of where you have seen Christianity “manipulated” to maintain

IV. So what, WE aren’t KINGS. (Rom 15:4)

A. How do we LEAD our LIVES? (I Thes. 4:11-12)
B. Using OTHERS for our BENEFIT. (Phil. 2:3-4; Eph. 4:32)
C. Tweaking TRUTH to maintain CONTROL. (Heb 4:12-13)
D. LEADING by SERVING. (v.7; Jn 13:12-17)

But what does all this have to do with us. We don’t rule a nation, or have a huge
amount of power. Or do we? To some degree we all have power over our lives, or at
least we want to think that we do. Is it possible that we can fall victim to the same
temptations that wrecked Jeroboam and Rehoboam, only more subtly? I think we all
know that this is a distinct possibility.

8. How do Phil. 2:3-4 and Eph. 4:32 help us to keep the proper perspective in our day
to day dealings with others? Are these passages applicable to all your relationships
or only those with other Christians?
9. When has the truth of God “cut” you to the heart? What was that like and what was
the result of that?
10.What are some practical ways you can serve those around you this coming week?
Think of specifics and then make a plan to do them.