Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 9 (Palm Sunday)

Mark 15:16-41

Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 9 (Palm Sunday)

There’s More Going on Here than Meets the Eye

A. The PEOPLE want a KING. (8:29-33; 10:35-37; 11:8-10)
B. Jesus DOESN’T meet their EXPECTATIONS. (14:41-15:15)

Today we move back from Jeremiah to Mark…and that’s a big jump. Can you remember what we talked about before Lent started? Mark is chronicling the challenges people have (especially the disciples) in understanding and accepting the type of Messiah Jesus is turning out to be.

1. Kids question: If you could ask Jesus any question about why He did what He did, what would you ask?
2. When has God failed to meet your expectations? How did you respond to that?

II. Mark CHANGES his writing STYLE. (v.16-41)
A. Why NOW? Why so many DETAILS? (v.16-41)
B. A different kind of TRIUMPHAL PROCESSION. (v.16-41)
C. The KING who stands in CONTRAST. (v.39; Jn 18:36)

Mark writes rapid fire, one story after another, after another, after another. He gives just enough detail to allow you to keep up. Until we get here. In this pathway to the crucifixion Mark explains and fleshes out more details than anywhere else in his gospel.

3. What stands out to you about the way Mark tells the story of Jesus procession to the cross? How does the contrast with the Roman “Triumphas” impact you?
4. Make a list of at least 5 ways that Jesus’ leadership differs from what the world sees as good leadership practice today? How does that impact your own life?

III. Seeing the CROSS as CORONATION. (Phil. 2:5-11)
A. It OPENS our eyes to the TRUTH. (v.39; Acts 9:3-6; Job 42:5)
B. It reorients our METHODS and GOALS. (Phil. 2:6-8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5)
C. It calls for DOWNWARD MOBILITY. (Phil. 2:6-8; Mk. 10:42-44)
D. It sees REST as SURRENDER to the Father. (Mk. 14:36; Lk. 23:46; Phil. 2:9-11; Mt. 11:28-30)

Mark 15 stands as a lighthouse calling us back to the way of Jesus when we are lost in the ocean of our own way of doing things. We often adopt the way the world thinks we should act, and even do it with a good motive. But the Cross as a Coronation calls us back to follow the model of Jesus. And that changes everything.

5. What aspects of Jesus have your eyes been opened to afresh today from this text?
6. How do His actions challenge your own personal goals and methods?
7. What are some specific ways you can practice “downward mobility” this coming week?
8. Death by crucifixion doesn’t seem like “rest”? How do you reconcile the idea of rest with the suffering that sometimes comes to those who surrender to God?