Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 7

Mark 11:1-33

Here He Comes…the Messiah

I. The COMING of the PROPHESIED Messiah. (v.1-26)
A. ZECHARIAH tells of the ENTRY. (v.1-11; Zech 9:9)
B. MICAH (and Hosea) explain the TREE. (v.12-14, 20-26; Hos. 9:10; Mic. 7:1)
C. Isaiah and Malachi – CLEANSING the TEMPLE. (v.15-19; Is. 56:7; Mal. 3:1-5)

After the section on the people’s reaction to the Messiah (Chap. 1-8) and then the section on the disciples reaction to the Messiah (Chap. 8-10), Mark turns his attention to the coming of the Messiah as the “King”. The details he shares remind everyone that this is no surprise…but it does unsettle you if you’re not ready.

1. Kid’s Question: If you could have a friend or relative come visit you next month, who would you pick? What would you do while you waited for the visit?
2. What’s your reaction to Jesus’ harsh words for the fig tree and harsh actions in the Temple? How does that challenge the typical picture of Jesus that the world has?

II. Those in POWER felt the CHALLENGE. (v.27-33)
A. It’s a QUESTION of AUTHORITY. (v.28)
B. The FEARFUL grasp for POWER. (v.18,32)
C. True AUTHORITY is SELF-EVIDENT. (v.29-33)

While many may have been unsure of the impact of Jesus actions, the Pharisees knew that it was a declaration of power and authority. They felt the challenge that came from the bold words and actions of Jesus.

3. When have you felt your authority challenged by someone else? How did you react to that?
4. How do you typically react when you are afraid? Do you hide? Do you try to take control of the situation? How big a role does fear play in your own life? (Scale of 1-10)
5. What does it mean to “have authority”? How does one get it? How do you know if you have it?

III. WELCOMING the true MESSIAH. (v.8-10; Heb 3:15)
A. Grasping POWER or embracing SURRENDER. (v.1-6, 27-33; Jn 21:18-19)
B. FEAR and CONTROL as danger signs. (v.18-32; Lk 19:39; Lk. 12:32)
C. Bearing FRUIT over TIME. (v.12-14,17; Gal. 5:22-23)

Just as He came to them…He comes to us today. He stakes his authoritative claim in the world and thus, in our lives. The question is “How will we respond?” Will we welcome the Messiah, or will we resist His call upon our lives?

6. When you look at your own life are you more oriented toward grasping at power or toward embracing surrender? Would your close friends and family agree?
7. Everyone has fear at times. Would you say your experience of fear is healthy or unhealthy? How can you know the difference?
8. Describe some people you know whose lives evidence the fruit of the Spirit. What fruit do you see from your own life?