Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 2

Mark 1:21-2:12

Mark – The Misunderstood Messiah – Part 2

The Power of the Messiah

I. The POWER that comes from AUTHORITY. (1:21-2:12)
A. Power OVER the SPIRITUAL realm. (1:21-34)
B. Power over PHYSICAL SICKNESS. (1:29-34; 41-42)
C. Power to RESTORE those EXCLUDED. (1:40-45)
D. One EVENT that COMBINES it ALL. (2:1-12)

Jesus seemed to make an impact everywhere that He went. He taught like no other teacher. His words carried authority. It helped when he healed people right before the crowd’s eyes, or casts out demons who referred to Him as the “Holy One of God.” There was no getting away from it, Jesus had power.

1. Kid’s Question: Which of these miracles of Jesus seems the “coolest” to you and why?
2. With which of the miracle stories in our text today do you most identify with personally and why?

II. The SOURCE of Jesus’ AUTHORITY. (1:35-39)
A. CONNECTION to the FATHER. (1:35)
B. FREEDOM from people’s EXPECTATIONS. (1:36-37)
C. Clear DIRECTION and PURPOSE. (1:38-39)

Tucked away quietly among all these stores of power are 5 verses that focus in on the source of that power. Jesus was connected to the Father. They were, together with the Spirit, sharing divine power with the world. It was the key to what Jesus was to do.

3. What do you think the prayer life of Jesus was like? When He prayed what did He say?
4. How easy is it for you to break free of the expectations of others? If it’s not, why is that ?
5. What do you think Peter thought as Jesus laid out the next steps for their plan? When has God done something like that to you?

III. Differing RESPONSES to the MESSIAH. (Mark 8:27)
A. AMAZED and INTRIGUED. (1:22,27-28; 2:12; Acts 26:28)
B. AFRAID and/or CHALLENGING. (1:24, 2:7; Acts 4:1-2)
C. COMING with an AGENDA. (1:36-37; Acts 8:18-19)
D. RECEPTIVE and MISSIONAL. (1:26,31,34,42; 2:4-5,12; Acts 2:42-47)

In the text there are a variety of responses to Jesus. The same is true of us today. When we encounter Jesus there are many different ways to respond. Seeing that this is the first Sunday of the New Year, maybe we should give some time to reflecting on how we will respond to the Messiah in the coming weeks and months.

6. Which of the responses in the sermon do you identify with the most? Have you responded in all of them at one time or another?
7. What would “receptive and missional” look like in your life in the coming weeks?
8. What is God saying to you personally through this text?