Life Under the Sun – Part 3

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

Life Under the Sun – Part 3

The End of Humanity?

A. MEANING is Impossible to DISCERN (1:2; 12:8)
B. STRIVING Will Leave You MISERABLE (4:4-8; 5:13-17)
C. CARPE DIEM! (2:24-25; 3:12-13; 5:18; 8:15)

II. The WISDOM of the AUTHOR (12:9-14)
A. The VALUE and LIMITS of KNOWLEDGE (12:11-12)
B. What it Means to be HUMAN (12:13)
     i. DEATH Comes to us ALL (7:2; 9:1-6)
     ii. LIFE is Meant to ENJOY (3:13; 5:19)
     iii. FEAR and FOLLOW God (12:13)
C. What GOD will do with our WORK (12:14)

III. How to WORK Under the SUN
A. Work Without UNDERSTANDING (11:1-6)
B. Work Without STRIVING (4:4-6)
C. Work Without REWARD (9:9-11; 12:13-14)

Questions for Further Reflection
1. Kid’s Question: Who is the best teacher you have ever had? What made them such a great teacher?
2. What has the Teacher taught you this time around in Ecclesiastes? How has he challenged your way of thinking?
3. What ways have you attempted to construct meaning in your own life? In what ways has this been a form of idolatry?
4. In what areas of your life have you noticed striving? What, do you think, this is indicative of? As you listen to your life what are learning about yourself?
5. How would you sum up what it means to be human? What is the whole of humanity or the end of man or whatever the author was trying to communicate?
6. How does viewing life “beyond the sun” vs “under the sun” change your perspective?
7. In what ways do you image God in your work? What habits or mindsets could you adopt that would more align your work with our Creator?
8. When have you experience the fruits of your labor not being in line with the reward or payment for your labor? Which was more meaningful?